40 WTF moments in Game of Thrones, season 8 #184

We have waited for one and half years to watch the final season of GoT cause some of the scripts had been leaked.
This one and half years were so difficult to pass… I started watching Game of thrones from season 7. So I had to catch up with all the things that happened in all the previous seasons. I straight up binge watched all of it without sleeping or having a normal functioning life.
Still there was so much time…! I started reading the novel. Sissy got me all of the 5 novels… I heard some buzz about the ending in the TV series to be disappointing so it made sense to me read the books. At least I would know the alternate ending as well.
But I couldn’t be more wrong. Those were excellent work by George R R Martin. The problem is he ain’t publishing the last two books any soon.
I used to go to 9gag for the memes…about Jon and Davos. Seriously how can I spend these many days without watching the show?
What can I do with my life?
I kind of moved on and forgot about it and then suddenly HBO published the dates of the season finale. All the excitement and anticipation rushed through…
I prepared myself for this long to accept the “disappointing” ending of the show … Yet couldn’t help losing my shit when I actually watched it.
Game of thrones season 8 has raised more questions than it answered. I don’t understand why did we wait for so long when it was destined to lose its magic in the end. Here are a few questions that I (and almost everyone) had after watching the final season.
The questions are not in episode wise order.
I respect the hard work that the crew has put into the decade long sensational TV show… Nonetheless I feel that it hasn’t done justice to the conclusion.
1. Emilia Clarke’s overacting on episode one and episode two. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of Emilia and have no doubt on her acting abilities. Over the years she has developed her role so well. Nevertheless her expressions seemed to be a little over the top at some points.
2. Good boy (Ghost) barely got any screen time.
3. Jon ignoring Ghost was the most annoying thing ever.
4. Episode 1. Night king to army of dead waiting for the people in Winterfell to be done with making out.
5. Battle of Winterfell : It was unnecessarily long. People were just fighting fighting and fighting.
6. How come the main characters still alive after the battle? Is this Bollywood?
7. Wtf Bran was doing all this time in warg mode? Watching Avengers End game?
8. How did the castles of Winterfell still stand strong after the blue dragon fire?
9. Night king having no one to one fight
10. Night king having no dialogue at all
11. Still having no clarity about the real motives of Night king.
12. Bran having no use of his special powers to win the battle
13. Dany completely ignoring the fact that Jon was her niece.
14. Sansa already feeling like the queen and more bothered about autonomy of North than defeating the dead.
15. How did the people in Crypt live alive?
16. From where did Arya jump on Night King? Literally how? Wtf was his army doing behind?Again Bollywood?
17. Dany turning into a selfish b after knowing Jon’s actual identity. I felt it very strange when she asked him to say nothing about it to anyone?
18. Sansa and Arya warning Jon about Dany. I was still fully supporting her. She kept her own war aside to stand beside Jon. She already lost one of dragons to Night king. Still she made her mind to take part in the battle risking her own life and her armies’.
19. Jon abandoning his constant companion Ghost in Winterfell again
20. Dany turning into mad queen.
21. Tyrion acting the stupidest and least convincing hand.
22. Jon having just two dialogues… ” You are my queen” and ” I don’t want this”
23. As usual Bran having no use.
24. Euron and Jaimie having the most ridiculous fight without discussing Cersie’s pregnancy
25. Arya with the white horse having no significance
26. What about the prince or the princess that was promised?
27. What about the green eyes… Arya was supposed to shut
28. Golden company dressing up for nothing
29. Dany’s most Hitler speech ever. It was very clear that Dany saw herself as the ruler of seven kingdoms from long back… And how she built her army and became strong. How she was powerful still empathetic towards people. And suddenly she doesn’t care about anything at all. A strong woman not being able to hold herself together after reaching so near to her goal is hopelessly frustrating to watch. There should have been enough time and justifications for the sudden change in her behaviour.
30. Having the most heart breaking ending to Jon and Danys story
31. Having a time leap out of no where
32. Arya having no use of becoming a face changing assassin
33. Why would people listen to Tyrion’s suggestion about making the new king at all ?
34. Jon completing his circle of life beyond the wall. What about all the letters Varys wrote to people about the true heir and all?
35. Bran can see that past and present of any place of the world. When did he start seeing future as well? (Reference to last episode)
36. What about the elephants Cersei was talking about?
37. The wall at the north of Winterfell was almost destroyed by Night King. When and how did it build itself again?
38. Is Jon a crow now or a free folk?
39. How did the Nights watch formed itself again?
40. Varys being so calm about his death sentence and knowing the realm’s inevitable future.
41. Where did the people go who knew about Jon’s true identity?
42. Invincible Dothrakis in last war… It looked like they all died in the war against the deads.
43. Arya having too much screen time with no particular goal in last 2 episodes. What’s with the white horse?
The list can go on and on and on… On final note I would say that it was never possible to please everyone with the ending. The production rushed to end the show after they ran out of the written content. It’s not particularly the ending which is not acceptable … it is the pace of the story which changed so abruptly. There’s not enough time and justifications to what happened at the last… The episodes raised unnecessary questions than answering a few.
I think we have to wait for 2 more decades for the last two to be published. I don’t want to get attached with the prequels now. Can’t handle heart break twice.

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