The most polite rejection the world has ever seen #176

This happened probably a month back but since I was away from blogging for quite a while I did not talk about it.

Usually I don’t get a lot of Hi/Hello’s from people on FB these days, especially from people that I don’t know personally. In past 2 years, I have unfriended a lot of people because I didn’t know them. You may wonder why I added them in the first place if I was to remove them. One of the many reasons is my mind change all the time.

Whereas I feel to the need to know more people I also find the “number of friends” on my profile misleading. There are a lot of people who sent me request a few years back, since then they never talked to me, neither did I. So we remain in each other’s friend-list without any acquaintance, just like a number. The number never converted to anything more meaningful.

There’s this guy called Bikash, who is there in my friendlist since long time. Sometimes I see his presence on my news-feed and that’s it. Probably he’s a batch-mate from my college or another college or a senior. I never bothered to find that out.
Suddenly he pinged me last month.

Even though I feel extremely lonely all the time and find nobody to share my thoughts with, I don’t see talking to the strangers on facebook as a cure to that.
Moreover I get irritated by the strangers… it’s like the weirdest thing ever.
It’s like you’re drowning in the sea while you are thirsty… even though you are engulfed by the enormous amount of water, it cannot quench your thirst without bringing harm to your body.

I responded to him but I knew that our conversation wasn’t going to get any better. Then it was something like this-

  • “You are seriously very nice”
    ~ Thumbs up emoji
    (Now resisting your ego when somebody says anything good about you is very difficult. I knew that he barely knew me and it was just a random thing he could think of to get my attention. This would apply to any person in general.)
  • “I want to tell you something”
    ~ “Yes, please”
    (Even when I am not interested, I give people fair amount of chance to tell whatever they want.)
  • “I like you since college days… Your look, behavior everything. I couldn’t tell you this. I know that you don’t know me well. So let’s know each other first. I really really like you.”
    ~ “Okay”
  • “What Okay?”
    ~ “Which college? How do you know me?”
  • “I saw you in the theatre club. I have seen you many times.”
    ~ “Lol! I was not in that club…
    (That was the worst guess man!)
    Okay so are you a batchmate? I have so many questions!”
  • “No I am senior.”
    ~ “Okay.”
  • “Where do you live in Hyderabad?”
    ~ “Why?” (annoyed)
  • “Some of my friends are there. I can come if you want toungue sticking out emoji
    ~ “No need.”
  • “Why?”
    ~ “I don’t know you. Neither do I want to. Don’t take it personally”
  • “Let’s know each other first. Then we can decide”
    ~ “Nope.”
  • “Give me a chance”
    ~ “You don’t even know me…”
  • “I know you, really. You might have seen me in the college.”
    ~ “I don’t want to give anyone false hope. So this will be a no. Sorry.”
  • “Give me 7 days, I won’t disturb you after that I promise.”
    ~ “I don’t have time for that.”
  • “I don’t need much of your time. I know that you are very busy. So beautiful and talented. It’s expected that you’re busy. You are like a diamond.”
    ~ “Please don’t waste your time on such things.”
  • “It’s not time waste. It’s an investment.”
    ~ “You have some misunderstanding. I cannot help you. I have let you know my opinion. Rest is up to you.”

We didn’t talk after that. This guy sent me “hi” a couple of times in 2012-13. But whenever I asked him about his identity, he did not give any answer. We did not have any proper conversation.

This is a simple incident, I know many of you ladies receive unwanted proposals and even more from strangers on facebook. This conversation provoked my thoughts.
There could have been a million other ways the conversation could have ended.

Response 1 : “I have a boyfriend”
This is a lie but very effective. I personally don’t prefer to take use this lie.
Response 2 : “You are like by brother”
This is one of the most common answers I see girls to use. I personally don’t like it because if I call you my brother, that would only mean that our friendship is something I treasure. You are not my friend, you are my homie, my family. I can share anything and everything with you. I feel safe around you as I would feel around my own brother. I don’t want to make that meaningless calling any random dude my brother.
Response 3 : Giving the dude the time
I could have believed in that guy and given him a chance.

I did not believe in any of the words he said… I have reached the point in my life, where I don’t get excited just because somebody said something nice about me. I am not a great person. Truth be told, I am a terrible person. I wouldn’t say that there’s nothing good in me but I have never made it easy… neither for my family, nor for friends to love me. So when a person who has not even talked to me face to face, tells anything remotely good about me, it’s unbelievable… chuckle-worthy.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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