Flechazo ~ Restaurant Review #161

It was my sister’s birthday and I had to take her out to a nice place for dinner. After a lot of research Flechazo, Madhapur, Hyderabad seemed to be the most convenient option to me.

I called them and had a table booked for two.

Dinner date with my sister is a rare thing to happen but whenever we manage to go out together, we make sure to be the most “extra” people ever.

We reached there well before time, it was not hard to find it out. We had to wait for barely 10 minutes before getting the table.

It was a Friday night, it was fully packed up. I guess some people found table even without booking, the place is quite spacious. The ambiance, lights, music everything will set your mood for a nice dinner.

Like most other buffets, they served the starters on the table.
First of all, they gave us the pani-puri/ gol gappa/ fuchka accompanied by aam panna in stead of sour tamarind water. Obviously it is not as good as the one you get from street vendors but good.


After that a number of appetizers they served, I have no clue what their names are. We didn’t have a menu to refer to.
There were sweet and sour chicken, chicken wings, spicy prawn fry, crispy corn, fish starter, sheek kebab, pineapple kebab among the starters.
They were serving the foods so rapidly and randomly, we could not keep track of anything.

Usually for non-veg buffets we are served with both veg and non-veg items but here it didn’t happen. We asked for repeat of few items which didn’t come but we were offered with other items that we didn’t ask for.

Coming to the main course… Boy oh boy, you have to have to big stomach to make place for much food.
There were sandwiches, burgers, highly customized pizza, octopus noodles and usual Indian cuisines.

Main Course:
Singapore Chili Crab,
Masaman Fish Curry,
Chicken Egg Adobo,
Chicken Boti Masala,
Awadhi Murgh Dum Biriyani,
Indonasean noodles,
Veg Curry,
Baked Tempura Vegetables,
Cantobese Inspired Jeera Aloo,
Malai Kofta Curry,
Palak Paneer,
Dal Bukhara,
Steamed Rice,
Sabu dana papad.


Except for crab, I tasted all the dishes. I felt the veg main course could be better.
The interesting part was the pizza counter, people could go and make their own pizza by themselves. People coming in groups were having a great time there.
There was a customized noodles counter as well, I could not try that.
There was dosa counter to get customized dosa made in front of you.

In dessert there were many options:
Ice-cream- I had Irish-coffee ice-cream which I didn’t like at all. Probably other flavours were good.
Fruit bowl,
Shahi Tukda,
Cheese Cake,
Custard with Banana fritters,
Thai Lemon Ginger Chocolate Cake,
Gulab Jamun,


Also we had mocktails and soft drinks which were not included in the buffet. Overall it is a great deal for Rs 838 /per person (non-vegetarian buffet).

Room for improvement :
They need to serve the starters in more systematic way.
Starters were fine but not exceptionally good.
Taste wise veg items did not do well.

Final notes:

Food : ***1/2 out of *****
Ambiance : **** out of *****
Service : ***1/2 out of *****

Value for money : **** out of *****

By the way, did you know that “Flechazo” means “Love at first sight”? I just looked it up! 😀


That’s all folks! Thanks for reading.

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