September Notes #156

On September 2nd, when I published August summary I thought of setting the goals right then. Then I thought of taking some time to understand the needs of this month. Days passed and I became more confused and lost. After all it’s hard to have control on life for a person like me. I am getting a little off track since 2 months but I shall not and MUST NOT give up like this.

So here I am setting some simple goals for this month while I am already half way throught it.

1/ Learn and evolve

This is common place-holder where I kept study related goals for past few months. But now I am making a little change in it. Studying is never enough. Now my objective is to capture my weak points and try to work on them. Try to measure the improvements quantitatively.

2/ Writing more often

The more I am caught up with my work, the less time I spend on reading and writing which in turn makes me feel terrible from inside. So this month I would try to find a balance in that. The ideas inside my mind have to get a physical form of some sort.

3/ Drawing

4/ Reviewing

Finish the long pending reviews.

5/ Taking care of my mental and physical health

I have been suffering from mental restlessness lately to a great extent. I know if I don’t take control of it at earlier stage it can damage my life to greater extent. I don’t know how I am gonna work on it but hey! let’s give it a try.

I don’t have any goal that would involve spending money because your girl is having financial constraints now. Damn it man! I just wanna unsubscribe from adulthood and go home.

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading.

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