Summary : August 2018 #155

August 2018 is over!! What is happening right now? How on earth time is flying so quickly? I don’t know. I am trying too hard to just be present and live.

Let’s just revisit my goals and judge myself on how I did this month.

1. Studying:
For the first half of the month as usual I was energized and motivated. For the rest of it turned into “you know what… Screw this!” I cannot stick to one thing for the whole time. That’s the main problem that I see here.

2. Getting traditional outfits:
I wished to buy some kurtis for regular use. Usually I wear very normal looking salwar suits which are quite comfortable to wear but not fashionable. During my visit to hometown, I looked for some fashionable kurtis but get none. I think I have to wait till Durga Puja or Diwali to get some fresh stocks to choose from.

3. Getting new footwear and bag:
I was looking for some comfortable showes for regular uses that were not very costly. Also I wanted to try something that I hadn’t had before. I could manage to get myself a pair of wedges and a pair of sneakers.
I used to wear sneakers in school days and then didn’t wear them for long, I am glad that I got back to them.
Wedges are not the most comfortable thing to wear, I cannot handle anything but flat heels. Also the heels are a little more than the shoes I usually wear, I got some attention from the nosy people on the days I was in wedges.

4. Visiting at least one famous restaurant
I happened to visit one restaurant in Kolkata that was in my bucketlist for long. My parents always discouraged me to eat outside. After moving to Hyderabad, eating outside has become an inevitable part of my life. Even though I used to get mad at my parents for not letting eat outside but now I understand that it’s much healthier to stick to home made food.
However I have explored so many restaurants in Hyderabad in just a couple of years that I feel guilty of not doing the same in Kolkata, where I spent most of my life!

5. Visiting IKEA and Taco Bell
IKEA opened its first store in India in Hyderabad in August. There was unexpected level of excitement about that. On the opening day and on Independance day(which happened to be just a week after opening) there was so much rush, IKEA found hard time to deal with it.
They literally had to tell this on their Instagram handle…

“It’s a houseful!

Hej Hyderabad! Your excitement has overwhelmed us(literally). Our stores and parkings are currently full. But there’s nothing to lose as we are open 365 days and our low prices are valid everyday. So take all the time you need.”

That means I would take some more time to visit IKEA.
Taco Bell has to wait for me as well.

6. Checking monthly expenditure
Now this is getting on my nerves. To be honest I am clueless where to begin with.

7. Taking up a creative challenge
This is due. I haven’t done this yet.

8. Blogging Advice
I posted a few questions on Facebook groups and also on Quora. Few of the questions were answered, few were not. Basically the people chose to ignore the harder ones.
Some stupid guy merged my question on Quora with a completely irrelevant question. It seems he knows nothing about the question and just merged it. That’s just kind of disgusting.

9. Taking up a healthy habit
I started to working out a little bit. But after I had been home, I just gave it up. Even after coming back from I had a hard time to get into my regular stuffs.

Apart from the things I planned, here are the things that happened in this month-
>> It was overwhelming to visit home and see my parents after long time.

>> Kerala’s (a state in India) flood condition got so much worse. People were talking about it everywhere. Even though I wasn’t affected by it, it kept me thinking about the people that were struck in the water for days, without food or anything. It’s just too sad to think that so many people lost their home and everything and people are not bothered to give some donation.

The mobile wallets, food ordering apps were giving option to donate money for Kerala. There was govt. website for donating money. Our company gave us an option to select the amount of money to be donated which would be deducted from our salary. Also they collected new clothes, daily necessities, rice and staples etc. At some situation, even a little help counts.

Huge respect to Indian Army and all the brave souls who took the charge of rescuing the people and sending them to safe place. They are the real heroes!

That’s all folks!

Thanks for reading.

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