Is this how Friendzone looks like? #152

A Conversation

– Are you free today?
Can you return my book today?
I’ll come then.

# Yep, sure.

– Tell me the time convenient to you.

# Afternoon will be fine.

– Hey, wear a red dress. 🙂

# Why? O_o Okay, I will.

– OH MY GOODNESS! You look unrecognizable! You have become so much prettier! Is this effect of your college? 😉

# Umm, maybe. It is the need of the time to be pretty now. This is your book. Gotta go now.

– Hold on, hold on.
Why are you going now?
If you’re not in hurry, we can walk to the book store. It’ll take hardly 15 minutes.

# Okay, fine.
So how’s it going now?
How’s life?
I can see that you’re doing quite fine in the semesters.

– It’s nothing like that. People see me laughing, doing my own thing… but from inside I’m all broken into pieces, devastated. Nobody knows that.

Btw, nice dress! But this is not the one you wore in the Freshers'(party). That was a different red.

# How could you observe so much? 😮

– Yes, I observe you very closely. I observe all the people I love.

# How was your exam? I know you will get good grades for sure. Tell me about that girl. Did you propose her finally? Or you are still …

– Where are you seeing good grades? All because they gave me decent marks in the labs, in theory papers… you don’t even imagine. N about that girl? I have lost all hope. Nobody knows how I feel. I don’t tell anyone. I will be screwed. Trust me.

# Do your college friends know about me?

– Nah. Some of the guys tease me on FaceBook but who cares?

# Let’s go in this lane. This will be a shortcut.

– Okay! No problem. I trust you blindly but don’t take me to the wrong route.
This is my Aunt’s house. I come here sometimes. she mustn’t see me with you. She may call my mum to report this.

# Good then, seeing you with a girl. That will be interesting. *Goofy smile*
Do you share your thoughts with anyone?

– Not usually. Addy knows some of it. He helps me a lot in studies as well. Apart from you guys I don’t trust anyone like this.

– You have changed a lot, do you know that? 🙂

# What?! 😮

– I can’t even imagine that you are talking to me, smiling… standing at this place. You showed me the way all by yourself! You never went alone even to the tution in front of your apartment. Somebody used to come with you. Now look at you. You are really changed darling!

# Oh that was for I was afraid of the dogs. -_- What’s wrong in talking to you?

– Remember a day when we guys were waiting to take notes. While handing it over, you didn’t even look at my face, didn’t even let me tell anything… You were looking at a different direction and threw the notes at me. That day I thought that I must be very ugly looking bad boy. That’s why you didn’t care to look at my face. 🙁

# *Awkwardly smiles, says nothing*

– Uncle, please take the book and give me the money fast.
Are you too enjoying our chit-chatting?

– Today was the best day of my vacation. I don’t remember a day feeling so good lately. My mood got better just for talking to you. Thanks darling. Thanks a lot. 🙂

That’s all folks. Thanks for reading.

P.S. Here’s a small question for you…What do you think about the relation between the guy and the girl?

Featured Image Credit : Photo by Josh Blanton on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Is this how Friendzone looks like? #152


    (August 25, 2018 - 7:56 pm)

    Interesting chit chat.
    It looks like both of them are comfortable with each other .The girl really trust that guy.
    I guess guy like the girl may be.

    Molten Cookie Dough

    (August 25, 2018 - 8:05 pm)

    Possible. ☺

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