August Notes #151

I’m almost through half of the month as I’m writing this… Here are the main things to focus on-

1. Read, write, repeat
I would try to focus on the things I’m not particularly good at- maths. Yes. It’s the one thing I was never confident about even in my student life. But at this point of time it is imperative to get rid of such weaknesses. Today I found a quote that got me thinking for a while-

“Hard work will always overcome natural talent when natural talent does not work hard enough.”- Sir Alex Ferguson

Hard work is the only thing I can do from my side.

2. Get a few traditional dresses and get them altered
As I cleaned my cupboard and gave away some of my old dresses, now I can buy some traditional clothes. I will try to change the type of outfits I always wear. Last time I brought changes in my western outfits that I usually wear in a party or casual hang out.

3. Get some new footwear/bag
As I am visiting my hometown I need to buy some affordable shoes from there. People living in big cities look down upon small towns but I don’t see a point. The standard of living in a small town may or may not match with that of a big city but the cost of living is way cheaper as well. Specially when you have limited salary to pay your rents and fulfill your other needs you have to look for cost effective options.

4. Visit at least one famous restaurant
I have a few restaurants in my mind that I’m looking forward to visit while I’m in my hometown. Mom never allows me to eat outside for a seven day visit to home in 8-10 months. Honestly I too have a bucketlist of things that I tell her to make for me- 7days are too less for eating that much of food!

5. Visit IKEA and Taco Bell. IKEA’s first ever store in India has opened in Hyderabad. I am hearing so much about it but I need to see it for myself. Taco Bell is also a new commer in Hyderabad.

I am ready to taste some meatballs and tacos!

6. Check my monthly expenditure

7. Take up a creative challenge
I will decide a time for which I have to post something creative everyday. I would probably post that in Facebook or Tumblr.

8. Take Blogging related advice from the seasoned bloggers
Even if I’m writing this like I would have written in my diary, there’s nothing wrong to try to improve that. This goal is more like a place-holder…

9. Take up a new healthy habit
This time I want to challenge myself to take up some healthy habit that is unlike previous 2-3 months. This can be an activity that would benefit my health.

That’s all for the month.
Thanks for reading!

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