40 Year Old Guy Proposes 24 Year old Girl on FaceBook (Summary : July 2018) #150

7th month of the year is over and I have already lost track of time… Every month I proactively set my goals and work towards achieving them, this time I was kind of lost. Why? I don’t know.

1. Assignments:
It’s the most important goal indeed. Nevertheless I cannot force myself enough to stick to the studies. For the first half of the month, I spent time on it regularly, for the rest I didn’t. I can give excuses but excuses don’t compensate for the time lost- overall it was a FAIL.

2. Visit Ganesha ji:
From past 2 months, I had this in my mind. Lord Ganesha is believed to bring good luck, people worship Lord Ganesha before starting a new business, a new car, a new shop etc. Moreover I always love to visit temples that are less crowded. The small temples we have in India do not attract a lot of people on an usual day, you can sit, pray or just enjoy by yourself. There’s no chaos, no rush, a pleasant smell of flowers, sandal wood and incense sticks… I find it so relaxing.
I heard that there is a temple in walkable distance from my place but I could never manage to explore it by myself. One day, one of my colleagues came to drop me at my place and he showed me the way.

The following day I put on the cleanest set of salwar suit I had for office and on my way to home I took the lane he showed me the previous day. It wasn’t hard to find it out. I was a little surprised to find it so clean. Here are some photos of it- Later I found out the actual Ganesha temple which is in a different lane.

3. Take up a healthy habit:
I started a few things this month- having green tea, eating no fastfood/restaurant food. Eventually I gave up on avoiding the fast food, however I continued having green tea for the entire month.

4. Read newspaper:
This one was success as I could read newspaper almost regularly. Now you may think, why is this even a thing? Don’t you read newspaper anyway?
The answer is no, I didn’t. It was hard to move my attention from memes to serious topics but not impossible.

5. Drawing and writing:
I hardly drew anything in July. Lately I have been disconnected with writing as well. It’s not like I don’t have anything to share or I lost interest or I am occupied with a lot of other things, it’s like a dead lock situation. I don’t write/draw/do recreational things when I’m frustrated–> Not drawing, writing, associating myself with creating something make me frustrated.

6. I managed to write the monthly reviews on zomato.

7. Budget- Trying to save money is stressful, I am constantly torn between “I need to save money” and “You only live once”.
I haven’t check the expenses yet.

8. I ordered the hair and skin care products and started using them. I got mixed review for one of the hair products I wanted to try. I cut it off in the fear of side effects. The worst part is- all these products are so expensive and they don’t do their work properly.

9. Blogging related study/discussion. I’m yet to reach conclusion on this.

Now these all are things that I planned to do on this month and barely succeeded but there are a few unexpected things that happened in July.

A middle aged person(age>40) from a Native English speaking country proposed me on FaceBook. He is one those guys who would send someone a friend request only with very particular expectation. Usually I don’t add unknown people on FaceBook. I accepted his friend request and talked with him for just one or two days. He asked me in a straight forward way without much introduction or anything. I said “no” and that’s it. We never talked again.
He asked me why I said “no”. Out of million practical reasons I could tell him, I blurted out this-“I just wanna be single for a while.”
Fortunately he didn’t bug me and waste both of our time to convince me otherwise.
In this context, I would like to add my after thoughts. Many a time we girls spell out “I have a boyfriend” even when we are single af. But why do we have to take refuge of the non-existent boyfriend… Does our disagreement have no value at all? It’s like you can’t have a opinion- either you have a boyfriend or you have to date this guy, there’s no room for “no” or any other practical answers whatsoever.
Just as I would expect my opinion to be respected, I like to show the same to the other person. I don’t want to project myself as an ideal person or anything because I know I’m not. I could’ve said something that wasn’t direct yes or no. I could talk to the guy and pretend to consider him even though I know my answer, that’d be just mean. Many of the guys are just playing, few might be genuine as well… either you can take advantage of the situation and make content of juicy gossip with your friends or you can just say yes/no or whatever your genuine feelings about the guy is and move on.
After months of being banned on FaceBook finally God took pity on me. One fine day I found out all my previous posts are back in place. For a personal blog there is no point of obnoxiously promoting. However FaceBook’s community guidelines are not something you would look into unless you are in trouble. FaceBook’s helpdesk hasn’t been proved to be of great help. You cannot expect individual response to your queries- you may find a lot of people asked same kind of questions among which they chose to answer one. If you are lucky the answer may help you out.

I got a formal invitation to taste food from a restaurant chain and review them for the first time. It was an overwhelming experience that I would write in a separate story.

I went out in shorts for the first time in my life. It was something very much different from what I usually wear… I would share my experience in details some other day.

That’s all I could brief about July. Thanks for reading!

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