July Notes #146

I was thinking about the most effective and most important things to focus on. No bullcrap.

1. Assignments : Currently this should have been my only goal if I were a student. But going to work and having a lot of other responsibilities take most of my time and energy.

– I need to finish all the writting assignments.

– Get the number of tests I can write.

– Write a few tests.

– Take up a reading assignment. This will call for memorizing a lot of information.

2. Visit Lord Ganesha ji. This is due from last month. I badly need his blessings and positive vibes!

3. Take up a healthy habit. Not like last month. I need a complete change in the food habit so that at the end I can measure the result properly.

4. Read newspaper. This month I want to follow at least one newspaper on daily basis and get more information than just the headlines.

5. Drawing and get motivation for writing. I need to continue to draw, be it for amusement or for practice. Lately I’ve been a little engaged with other staffs, so couldn’t publish any blog at all. I need to take care of that.

6. Finish the monthly reviews on Zomato.

7. Take note of the budget. I need to get all the details of the previous 2 months and reconsider the expenditure.

8. Get some hair product and skin care products and start using them.

9. Do some research on blogging related information and get the works done. Seriously this can not wait any longer.

Setting goals are always easier than achieving them. Nevertheless I try to set achievable yet challenging goals for myself. Let’s see how I can do this month.

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