Summary : May 2018 #142

1. The first goal that I had was to finish all the assignments. I have completed 60 percent of the assignment so far. The assignment was a good way to know what gaps I have in my learning and what I need to work more on. As always the main problem of accomplishing the goal was time management. I still find it difficult to manage time everyday. The irony is I think that I would do it on weekend and complete it but when weekend comes, I’m in no mood to sit with books or assignments.

2. The second goal was to follow a particular diet. Yes, this was more or less a success. I took 30 days no chicken challenge and I have shared my thoughts on it. The changes are mostly positive. I need observe them more critically to understand if those are the direct effects of this particular diet.

3. I sorted my clothes and found some dresses that are really old, some of them are from my college days. Also I found some clothes that I have been wearing for more than a year now. This are still in good condition to give away. I really don’t like giving away clothes that look more like mopping clothes(torn and faded) and less than actual clothes. I have also packed them so that I can take them home.

4. The forth goal was to Start drawing. This was a complete failure. I didn’t see myself doing this at all. This is disappointing.

5. The last but not the least was to make changes in my daily routine. I couldn’t bring drastic changes in my routine. I wake up one and half hours early now although I couldn’t shift my bed-time as well. But I try to close my works and all sorts of electronic devices as early as possible. The goal is not fully accomplished. The main reason I had this because I wanted to squeeze some time for doing the assignments. I surely get more time to get ready and do other staffs now but the extra time was not enough to sit with some pen and paper.

6. Even if I didn’t have this as a goal, I completed writing the monthly reviews on zomato. This does not benefit me as such but I wanted to have a record of the restaurants I visit or order from.

Overall the month was more productive than the previous one. My food habits improved a little bit in this month. The weather has been terrible throughout the month. I fell sick for a few days as well but it was a minor sickness. I want to talk about two other things happened in this month that are not directly related to me.

My ex-roommate got transfer and went to hometown. She’s also from West Bengal. I asked about the transfer procedure as my parents wanted me to take transfer as well. The transfer did cost a lost of effort and money. This are the moments that make me think, “Do I really to stay here, 1500 miles away from home? Or should I just go for a transfer?” I also went to a dinner with her to Barbeque Pride Restaurant.

My college friend who was also based on Hyderabad quit the job for higher studies. This was certainly another thing that stirred me. These people are doing the same job as me. But look at their dedication, He started writing this exam from the final year of college. After maintaining a full time job, he managed to prepare for the exam and score good enough to get admission into a decent management school. I keep on wondering where the heck I’m going in few years!

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2 thoughts on “Summary : May 2018 #142

    Ryan Biddulph

    (June 4, 2018 - 2:51 am)

    Cool. Glad to see you made progress with your goals. Neat no chicken challenge too. I am feeding and tending to chickens this month in New Zealand. Fun little chooks. Egg whites for me, quite regularly.

      Molten Cookie Dough

      (June 11, 2018 - 11:33 pm)

      That’s cool!☺

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