Answering some “Did you know” questions on FaceBook! #139

It never happens with story books. When I sit to study even the empty wall seems to be more interesting. Usually when I get bored by the second page, I keep my phone inside my textbook and pretend to study or take a good nap resting my head on the table and wake up only when mom starts scolding me at the top of her lungs or throws a wooden spatula at me.👏😂

I don’t realize it when I do it. The realization generally comes later when I lay on my bed being unable to sleep at 3 in the morning. My head starts pounding, I have burning sensation in my eyes and my back hurts.

I spend 8-9 hours straight in front of computer in office everyday. Stressful are those days when I need to sit with my laptop even after coming home. My body hates me for that.

No. I haven’t accomplished anything great till now.

Try to flirt with someone. I should never do that. God! I’m so terrible at this.

Blog like a pro.

The question became a little tricky for the last part, “by mistake”. I would say that it was the first ever text that I wrote to him before becoming friend with him. The first text was by mistake, the following ones were rather a choice than a mistake.

Aşk Laftan Anlamaz / Love doesn’t understand words- A famous Turkish romantic drama that premiered in 2016. The main characters are Hayat and Murat. It gained insane amout of popularity in Indian subcontinent at that time. Currently I’m watching the show that’s dubbed in Urdu and aired in Pakistani t.v. channel weekly in the name “Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan”. They upload the episodes on YouTube as well on weekly basis.

To tame my mind, to be able to cope with my temper issues.

A hedgehog, an owl, a tortoise, a dog, a cat, a panda, a sloth. It’s more like a zoo. Isn’t it?😥

P.M. Instead of A.M.

Till my graduation I didn’t take any online courses. Now it’s impossible to physically go to a class to learn anything- online course appear more relevant and convenient now.

Take a break from work and whatever I’m doing right now and go to a trip with my family.

Saturday. Damn it feels so good but passes in a blink.

A meaningful conversation with someone. That’s effing free but rare! 😯

My family, friends, the wonderful time I have with them.

I don’t remember anything in particular that I failed to do. I don’t think this question is asking about a math problem that I couldn’t solve or an essay I couldn’t write. We didn’t have homeworks like gain 500k followers on YouTube in a day, make a viral video, eat live bugs, collect poop of extinct bird etc. in our childhood.

I would have gone back to a time I don’t have memory of.

Sleep. That’s the best utilization of time I can think of.

I like loose hair when it’s windy and pleasant weather and my hair is washed. If I have more physical work/ I’m sick/ it’s hot/ my hair is not washed, I would prefer a ponytail to loose hair.

The comfiest set of clothes I can find in my closet.

Typing mistakes.😥

On a serious note I would like to take every possible opportunity to make myself better and correcting my mistakes no matter how tough it is comes as a challenge in my way.

No one!

I haven’t visited a lot of cities yet. So I would like to explore new cities rather than staying in just one place.

Yes. Why not? Actually they are on FaceBook. My life is so boring that I don’t really face any problem for having them in my friendlist.

10 hours.

Period cramps


Attacked by a bear.

I don’t think I would ever avoid family reunions in my life. It’s the only time I get lifafa(some money/chocolates given by relatives), lip smacking good food and juicy gossip with cousins.

Chocolate can never go wrong. But sometimes I change my mind to vanilla.

Really personal questions,

Asking to share my food,

Over confident proud attitude.

That 1 Re Eclaires. Sometimes the inexpensive things have more appeal to us than the expensive ones.

Fried chicken momo. It’s been so long I had momos. I’m drooling right now.

Watermelon cause I don’t know the other one.


Cristian Mihai. For taking blogging to whole different level. He has some blogs where he shares do’s and don’ts of blogging. I find those advices very helpful.

Iscriblr. I like the style and versatility of her blogs.

Frank Solanki. The poems are just awesome, a dose of witty humour.

Veg biriyani.

Biriyani is not biriyani without meat.

Doggo. No I don’t have a dog😢

White bread.


I can’t relate to any of them. Like the super power is such a unrealistic thing and how can someone be so selfless genuinely kind hearted and powerful. I would rather think about soldiers who are keeping our country safe. They are the real ones.

The only time I don’t talk to myself when I sleep.

Successfully wasting 24 years of my life.

Chitto beena. (Chitto means mind, beena is an musical instrument)

A good restaurant because I’m hungry right now.

Chocolates or a really big stuffed toy. That’s pretty basic right?

Who is arrogant, disrespectful and proud.

“It’s unlucky if someone sneezes right when you’re going somewhere.” This is so stupid and irrational!

A food critic. Just kidding.

Literally any Instagram trend that goes viral. At this moment I can think of braided eyebrows and wavy makeup (you draw your eyebrows/apply lipstick like waves). This was a thing probably in 2017.

Ending up doing absolutely nothing in life.

An alternative answer will be a never ending list of things including ghost, spider, cockroaches, any kind of bugs and so on.

I don’t have much idea about cars so I will not mention the brand or model. My dream car is the car that can accommodate all my family members.

Saara. She’s a singer. Last year her video “Shaving my head ” went viral. The video currently has 4.5 mil views on YouTube. She looked so beautiful and confident even after shaving her head that amazed me. This might be an insane step but sometimes you need to take risk to achieve something greater. It’s not about shaving the head but taking the power of judgements and negative comments to affect your self esteem from people.

“There are 10 types of people-

Who understand binary,

Who don’t understand binary.”

(The number 2 is represented by “10” in binary)

Bread. Duh!

Ignoring someone’s message. Honestly, I’m that person who will reply to a text literally in seconds after receiving it. It was after a break up, my ex was constantly humiliating in front of my friends. Months later he started dropping random texts to repair our friendship. It was so oddly satisfying to keep those as seen and unanswered.

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