May Notes #137

This has never been weirder than before. I am that kind of a person who always struggles to find the goal of living. I may have a lot of random thoughts in my mind about my future but in specific terms I can’t decide what my short term and long term goals look like. Setting monthly goals is something I started because I wanted to live my life in a more meaningful way.

For the month of May I asked myself, so what would I love to achieve in this month? I didn’t get any answer. And this is not a new thing! I have been like this for 24 years of my life. My heart has stopped giving me any useful answer at all. Yet I have to keep on playing my role and show up.

So here’s the tiny list of goals I have for this month.

1. Finish all the assignments. Seriously there’s no more time left for this.

2. Follow a particular diet and note the changes. For sometime I need to be hard on myself and say no to some of my favourite foods.

3. Sort all the clothes that I can give away. My cupboard is fully stuffed and that’s one of the reasons I’m restraining myself from buying new clothes.

4. Start drawing. I have never got any training on this but as a kid I really loved to draw. As I grew up, my mind became hollow and I couldn’t imagine anything to draw by myself. I want to get my old love back again.

5. Bring complete change in daily routine. I need to experiment changing my work schedules to find out the best suitable routine that would allow me to finish the assignments within time.

Each of the goals have challenges of their own. Let’s see how it goes!

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