Summary : April 2018 #136

I was pretty laid back at the time of setting goals for the month of April.

1. Studying: This was the most difficult and crucial goal of this month. I could not study as much I had expected to do. The main problem that I’m facing is to squeeze some time out of my busy schedule and even when I got time I didn’t find enough energy to work.
This is one of the things I need to get over.

2. We checked for both cooler and air conditioner but for the price factor we stepped back. When you have small amount of money, you tend to think more before spending it. I always asked my parents for everything I wanted. Now I understand how I understand how they might have set aside their own necessities to afford my demands.

3. Finally I finished verification of my wallet app. It didn’t take more than 30 seconds. I don’t why I had differed it for so long! This is why I still write this stupid goals for every month. Just because I didn’t want write excuses here, I got this done on 30th.

4. I watched Infinity War! My main motive was to watch the movie before getting any spoilers. Success!

5. I read about social issues but I need to work more on it. I feel this needs to be part of my regular reading activities. There’s lesson in everything. I won’t be able to write about them so easily as all of it would require a good knowledge of the context. Let’s see if I can get better in this!

6. I checked weight after half a year. I should do this more often. It’s hard to be in shape for a foodie like me.

7. I finished the monthly reviews on Zomato and found out 30 more reviews are pending. Sometimes I feel why I’m doing this! I’m not a food blogger or anything. I like to explore new restaurants and new taste and I see the reviews as a proof of where I spent all my earning.

8. I planned to learn Smokey eye make-up. But that was too unrealistic for a no make-up person like me. I’m comfortable and confident without makeup but I feel the necessity of knowing the basics. There’s so harm in looking a little more presentable. I can’t abruptly start using full face make-up on regular basis. But I want to incorporate it gradually in my routine.

Overall the goals are somewhat achieved but need a lot of improvement. Apart from these there are few more things that happened in April.

April 15 was our Bengali New Year. I went to a Bengali Food Festival held on that day in United Kitchens of India. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect such authentic bengali delicacies in Hyderabad.

Also I received my annual performance report- which would dictate my increment. I feel that my dedication and effort towards my work haven’t been justified. I was disappointed and demotivated for a few days. I was rather angry with myself for being hard on myself, to extend my work hours, to work on weekends, to take insane amount of pressure and not taking leaves every now and then. But now I got over it. It wasn’t worth the suffer.

Also I came across the most amazing romantic drama- Aşk Laftan Anlamaz. It’s a Turkish series premiered in 2016. I binge watched it on last weekend. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the complete season in Urdu. The channel uploads 4-5 episodes every month. Now that’s a pain to wait until the new episodes are up!


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