Tumblr User Invites Me On A Private Show #136

I have been active on various social media for 8-9 years. Through this course of time, I have come across a lot shit on internet. But as I grew up, I chose to take control over what I experience on virtual world. I stopped accepting requests from unknown people. I stopped commenting on popular posts on FaceBook. There are some jobless people who actually care to search those names from the comment section and send them friend request. All these years I got a lot of unwanted attention from this stranger guys.
They used to ping me right away
“Hallo dear. Can we be frands??” etc. Luckily getting those messages reduced a lot when I became more careful about my actions. 98% of the message requests that I get are just random hi/hellos and asking for friendship. Remaining 2% are objectionable content that nobody wants to see or hear. Overall, all these people are male. Maybe it is quite normal.
Recently I had a different experience on Tumblr. I happened to talk to complete stanger girl. Let’s call her Cela. I don’t know her real name. I was on my way to office when Cela pinged me. She said she was bored and wanted to talk to someone. That was quite fine for me. Even I feel the same all the time except the fact that I would never make an effort to talk to a stranger by myself.
Cela also mentioned, “don’t mind if it is complete random.”
I would have asked her where she’s from or how old she is. Before I could ask her anything she asked me what I was doing.
She told me that she’s in university now and her friend has told her about some online job. “Please don’t think me freak…” she said. I wasn’t thinking anything till then.
After a lot of beating around the bush, she told me about some private webcam show. I thought she might be singing or something like that, which is very personal to her. I kept of asking what the “show” is about. She kept on telling me, “Don’t worry. I’m earning. ”
I didn’t get what she was talking about. Then she told me about some coupon and asked me to join as an audience.
I kept on bugging her, ” …but what is it about?” Finally she asked if I was 18+.
It was the time when I realized the truth. When I told Sissy about this, her question was “Why did you talk to someone you don’t know in the first place? Don’t ever do things like this again. One dumb girl you are.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t know where the conversation was going until Cela mentioned about age. I was talking to her like I would talk to anyone. I continued the conversation out of my curiosity. This is the corner of Internet I don’t want to be in. This is an entire different experience I had in this 10 years. Internet is one weird place indeed!

P.S. I didn’t watch her video or anything. I did visit her Tumblr account which I should’ve done before carrying forward the conversation. It had no post or anything. Please note that I am not commenting on the person or whatever she does. My sole purpose was to share my experience with you all.

Peace. ❤

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