A Day and some thoughts #135

I woke up at 9 am today. The main concern that I have after waking up on weekend is what I would eat. I used to make breakfasts on weekends but since last month I don’t feel like giving so much effort into that. There’s some offer going on on home deliveries, so I opted for zomato. Every time I order food on Zomato, I try to cover new restaurants and new food items. There will be very few times when I order something that I’ve had before.

I was so happy to find out that Ganguram is finally here in Hyderabad. It’s a famous sweet shop in Bengal. I couldn’t help but order breakfast from Ganguram today. In comparison other sweet shops it was pretty cheap. The order was delivered within 45 minutes. Usually it takes a lot more than that.

These are the things that I ordered-

  • Hing er kochuri and alur dom.
  • Radhaballavi and alur dom.
  • Dorbesh (a dessert)

It was for me and Sissy. The food was freshly prepared and still hot. I was impressed to find no oil in it. The packaging was decent. The curry was simple Bengali style curry.

We saved the sweets for later. It’s hard to explain how overwhelming it was for me to taste some authentic Bengali food after ages (It’s actually months but it feels like forever).

During summer we need to take shower early. As time passes the reserved water becomes hot and unsuitable for any use. So I took a shower. I finished my laundry the previous day so there was nothing much to do.

After that I read for some time. It would have been barely half an hour and then I couldn’t keep the eyes open and fell asleep. I woke up once or twice in between and stayed in bed till 3 in the afternoon. Finally I left bed and had lunch. It was too late but most of the time I miss lunch because of excessive sleeping.

I kept myself awake after that watching videos and stuffs but couldn’t convince myself to do anything productive. It was about 5 p.m. when Sissy’s friend came over. We all went to a shopping mall after that. Sissy and her friends bought some random things. I didn’t buy anything. After their shopping was over, we headed towards the food court. It seemed 80% of the population that entered into the mall was in the food court itself. I reserved the table and meanwhile Sissy and her friend bought the food. We had this Burger king combo. This was probably the cheapest thing available there and it was hard to take anything else because of the rush in the other stores.

A tiny burger, some fries and pepsi… I need more food than that. So after I had my finished my share, I took this Baskin Robbins Ice-cream. I asked my sister to take different flavour so that I could try that as well.

We tried

  • Honey almond
  • Caramel crunch and
  • Red velvet.

It was good as always. After that we returned home.

Going to a shopping mall and not buying anything is kind of sad and challenging for me. I as a human being am addicted to buy things that attract me at the first sight. It became a little hard to embrace such addiction because of money and space constraints. Even though I understand the fact that I don’t need new clothes for next few months that doesn’t stop me from lurking about new dresses. Also I understand that I can’t afford the things that I would like to buy. I work so hard and you would never see me complaining about my job. But the outcome is not enough for me. I am not sarisfied with my life right now. I see people writing motivational things. I am far away from motivation right now. Sometimes it takes a lot to face the bitter truth. You know how I feel about my life? Think about sleep paralysis. Like you have senses, you can feel your body sleeping and even though your thoughts are so awake you can’t move your body. I feel the same about my life. I’m trapped into sleeping body. Even though I’m so woke inside, I can’t make a move. It’s kind of a guilt and helplessness at the same time. I hope one day I would know the way out of it.

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