50 Things to do when you are home alone #134

The time you spend alone can be of great use if you think about it. This is the time you can explore yourself, do stress relieving activities and relax, you can establish a better connection with yourself. There are a lot things you can do by yourself without another person. Here are a few of them…

1. Meditate
If you are stressed or anxious, this is the best utilization of your time to cope with stress.
2. Bake/cook something
It’s time to pamper yourself and get a little comfy. Bake a little mug-cake or something that is your favourite snack.
3. Take a tour to the fridge
Yes. You read it right. Take a walk to the fridge and find yourself some good food!
4. Watch some movie/series/videos
It’s a good option to watch some movie or series when you are alone if you hate being interrupted or commentary from other people.
5. Arrange your closet
Instead of lying on the couch lazily and get bored, you can arrange your clothes and accessories. This way your closet would be clean and you can find your some good dresses that you forgot you had.
6. Dress up
Now that you have arranged your clothes, you can wear some dress and take some selfies!
7. Watch some youtube tutorial and try out new hairstyle
It’s very difficult to try out new hairstyles just before going to school/college/office. Trying the same style once or twice when you are not in a hurry can save your time.
8. Paint your nails
Because why not?
9. Call a friend u don’t get time to talk to
We are so busy in our lives that we don’t get enough time to talk to our it by the windowclose friends on regular basis. Or maybe we don’t get enough privacy. When you’re home alone, it’s perfect time to get in touch with a old friend and reminisce some memories.
10. Play video game
This one is so obvious. Isn’t it?
11. Paint
If you like to draw, grab a pen/pencil and paper and set your imagination free. Even if you aren’t very good at it who’s gonna judge you? You can start with some color book as well. It relieves stress and makes your mind fresh.
12. Read a novel
This one is my favourite. Grab a cup of coffee and your favourite novel. Nobody is going to bug you now.
13. Write
If you are into writing habit, what else can be the best time to sit with your pen and paper?
14. Do your assignment
Why not complete your assignment first then ask your friends to come over? You can enjoy more when you have no works waiting for you.
15. Read for exam
This needs no explanation
16. Read newspaper
This too!
17. Knit something
I used to do this in my childhood. Maybe I didn’t have that much skill but it was fun anyway!
18. Play music
This can be either listening to music or playing some musical instruments. Both are relaxing in their own way.
19. Dance
People say, “Dance like nobody’s watching”. What about the time when nobody’s watching for real? You can dance then too.
20. Take a long shower
Honestly sometimes I lost track of time when I’m in the shower. It’s the best place to think about life!
21. Towel dance
You don’t know what towel dance is? You should watch this Bollywood song then!

Kajol's Towel Dance in "Mere Khwabon mein" song

22. Take a nap
This is for the people who love their bed and can fall asleep at any time.
23. Think about the serial killer
Yes. Suddenly in a ghast of wind some stuffs fell and you can’t close your eyes anymore. Every sound seems to make you feel uncanny. Either you can go out and check what happened or you can lie frozen on your bed praying to dear God to save you.
24. Snuggle with your pet
Even if your pet is there with you, it’s like home alone. Still I mentioned it. I don’t know how you will snuggle with it if you pet some bird/fish or reptiles. Just spend time with it.
25. Clean your room
Because cleanliness is next to godliness
26. Order pizza
Because every time is pizza time.
27. Sit by the window and watch people
As a kid I used to do it. It might sound boring but try once. Observe the people and their conversation. Guess what they are gonna do or say. This is not for those who can’t imagine.
28. Pray
Praying is one of the things that can calm your mind and fill you with positive energy.
29. Make a sculpture
I don’t think it is too much. You’re not required to be highly skilled. Just engage your mind with creative things.
30. Sew a dress for your pet
If you know sewing, you can use your time to sew a cute little dress for your pet
31. Make a cute set-up for your pet
This can be a make over for the place where your pet lives.
32. Talk to yourself
No, this is not madness. Talking to yourself is healthy. You need to explore yourself more. You gotta know what makes you happy and what doesn’t.
33. Contemplate your life decisions
This happens to me all the time when I’m alone. Suddenly I remember that I said “un-relevant” instead of “irrelevant” in front of my crush in 2003. Damn that cringe!
34. Water your plants
Gardening and taking care of the plants can be fun and time consuming.
35. Make a pillow house
I do this when I’m bored to death. Then I take all my belongings inside it.
36. Make a tent
This is almost same. Depending on your resources you can make tent as well. Again it calls for some effort.
37. Pretend to teach your non-existent students
Why not? You are never going to get such obedient class like this.
38. Do your laundry
This is for the adult who has no time to chill
39. Do the dishes
Life is hard, so is passing time when you are home alone. So you can do all the regular stuff you need to do.
40. Go for a walk
Take your pet as well.
41. Think about a conspiracy theory
Just a food for thought.
42. Do some scientific experiment
Passing time can be a fun learning activity as well. Don’t forget to take the safety measures and be super careful.
43. Make some DIY stuff
If you have plenty of time, you watch some YT videos and try some dumb hacks that only kill time but of no use whatsoever.
44. Color your hair
45. Plan for a prank
It’s perfect time to plot a prank!
46. Do Yoga
47. Do any kind of physical exercise
48. Give yourself a pedicure
Try out some pedicure at home
49. Wear a face mask and relax
Relax. That’s what your body and mind need. Don’t take too much stress.
50. Google what to do when you are home alone. 😀😀

Next time you are home alone, try to do something than what you usually do. I hope there are a few things you can do instead of browsing internet aimlessly.

Stay well guys. Love. ❤

Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for.

Dag Hammarskjold



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