April Notes #132

This month I want to make it simple, specific and straight forward.

1. Studying. I have to write an exam next month. I need to speed up the preparation now.

2. Getting a cooler to fight back summer. It’s around 40 degree Celsius in Hyderabad now. And it’s going to be worse. I live in the top floor, I’m going to lose my mind in this furnace soon.

3. Get the final step of verification done for my wallet app.

4. Watching Infinity War. Finally!

5. Read social issues and if possible write about it. This is one of the things I missed out last month.

6. Check my weight and manage a healthy diet. I need to stop ordering food from outside. This is going to be hard!

7. Learn how to do smokey eye make-up. I’m a no make up person. Even though I can’t wear make-up on regular basis, I need to have some minimum knowledge to make myself look good occasionally. I don’t know how or when I’m gonna teach myself but let’s keep it here.

8. Finish the outstanding reviews on Zomato.

That’s all for this month. Let’s see how it goes. ✌😀

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