Summary : March 2018 #130

I set a hell lot of goals for this month. And now it’s time to evaluate myself!

1. My goal was to learn something new and make use of it wherever possible. This was very generalised and vague. But yes, I have learnt a thing or two regarding my current skill set. Honestly I wanted to learn something for my personal growth that is not related to my job. That didn’t happen.

2. I did get my sleeping schedule right for a while. But then my office started morning/evening shifts and every thing just messed up once again. I tried my best not to stay awake till late night to watch videos or scroll down social media feeds.

3. This was a total disaster. I thought about cutting off my fast food consumption. Then Zomato gave 50% off on home deliveries for this month. I am constantly torn between I need to eat healty and you only live once.

4. I finished all the marvel movies I wanted to watch before Infinity war. Plus I watched Amazing Spider Man. It was not in the plan though.

5. I started reading a new novel but couldn’t make much progress in it.

6. I was away from social media for around 1 week. Then I gave up. You guys need to appreciate my honesty before judging me for my poor self control!

7. This is the best part so far. This literally happened because of writing this notes every month. For last 2 months I had this in pending work in monthly summary. Finally, last week I forced myself to get dressed on a Saturday and get the specs and get my eyes checked.

8. I could get my wallet app verified partially. Now at least I have the general functionality back in the app. One more thing is still left!

9. I completed 10 reviews on Zomato. I don’t why some of the reviews vanished and my score was reduced. I didn’t write anything questionable that won’t meet their community standards. I tried to link my review blogs as well but it didn’t work out.

10. I want to get myself aware of social issues and what’s going on around the world. I couldn’t invest enough time in that.

Overall it’s not more than 40% success on committing the goals. That’s so bad!😖😓

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