A World without a face #129

This needs a little background before I go into the actual deal.

Recently I had a crush on someone. Let’s call him Ricegum! We see each other almost every other day. Now the truth is I’m sensitive + overthinker + introvert. I could hardly lose this chance to stress my brain analysing this situation. I don’t know exactly why I started liking him. He’s been around me for a while but he never had my attention since we met. I don’t even remember how or where we met. I don’t know him very well. I only know that I liked his smile. Undoubtedly everyone looks better with a smile but his smile made me feel good. Why do I like him? I barely know him as a person? What is it about him that drives me towards him?

There was too much chaos in my head. I couldn’t think straight. But I had to find answer to my questions. I’m no more a 16 yo stupid little girl to drool over cute guys. Then this weird idea came into my mind. What if he didn’t have a face? Would I still have the same opinion about him? The idea was bizarre but it helped me out. His attitude and other human qualities- I didn’t give enough attention to that. That’s a shame.

Then I try to look at this situation from a broader perspective. What if none of us had faces? Our actions would have got more importance than it gets now. Face plays a major role in what people think about us when they have little information about us. When we start knowing a person, face hardly matters. All that matter are how the person is, his/her attitude towards life and other people, how he/she makes us feel and many other things.

I tried to think about the faces of the people in my life. Face is important for visual memory, other than that I don’t think it matters in case of my friends and family. I don’t instantly judge people other than my friends and family by their face right away. I would not give preference to a person just because of his/her face either. I tried to think about all the terrible crushes I had- it was the damn face I liked. Later in most of the cases as I came to know them better I had to move on with my life. As I’m talking too much about appearance which I don’t talk about very often, I would like to add one more point.

I don’t find anyone ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I don’t see a point to rate someone’s appearance like that. Occasionally I find some people attractive but I never found anyone repellent in terms of appearance. I didn’t even know that it was possible. When I was in college a guy was telling me about a girl, Shree. Shree was a very bright student and always managed to stay in the top performers. Obviously it was not her extraordinary merit he was concerned about. The way he was telling about her was disturbing in many different levels. His main point was Shree’s face drives him away. He felt disgusting to look at her. I didn’t get it at first. I asked him if he had any personal problem with her or if she had bothered him any time. He said, “No, it’s just her face that makes me feel disgusting!”

What the eff man! She’s not sitting on your face that you have to be so much bothered! She’s doing her thing. You do yours. Don’t spread this kind negativity in world. Shree is not a friend of mine but I have a certain level of respect for her as a human. If anyone talks trash about a person based on his/her appearance, protest. If they are too stubborn to learn the truth, get rid of them.

Because, we are so much more than our faces. ❤


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