Types of Annoying People in Girls’ Hostel #128

My hostel life is yet to be done with me, so here’s a little tribute to all the measurable people I have come across in my hostel.

  • Who don’t know how to use a microwave
    I can understand that in a country like India, not every house owns a microwave. Our lifestyle and food habits are fine without it. It’s expected that people who have never used it will make a mess while trying to use it. I find girls trying to boil eggs in microwave, boil milk(not simply warming it) and other things like that. On top of that, they never take the responsibility to clean that mess or at least call the maids to do it. Most surprisingly I am talking well-educated employed adults here. A microwave that is supposed to be shared by all the girls, thus becomes a electronic garbage can.
  • Who don’t know how to use a fridge
    I won’t say that these people don’t have a fridge in their house as well. There will be always someone who would buy kilos of fruit or veggies and keep it there and forget about it. Those would rot in fridge, emits foul smell and liquid. That’s so gross. Other people hesitate to throw it away, as it wasn’t theirs. But losing all the quality of consumption and affecting other foods, does ownership really matter to throw that shit away? That’s my question.
    There are another species of hoarders. Mostly they don’t have much use of the fridge. There’s a girl I know, who keeps some flowers in a gigantic plastic container and shoves it into the fridge. I never understood what she does with those flowers that occupy 2% of that container. The girl keeps the container even after taking out all the flowers. It’s like no matter if she has any use of it or not, she’s effing holding her place.
    Then there are people who keep open milk can, food poorly covered in the fridge.
    How can I forget to mention those players who always hide your food somewhere your human brain can never imagine.
  • Invisible Thieves
    These are the people who have absolutely no sense of self-respect. They can take someone else’s jeans from the terrace or start using your stuffs kept in the common place or gobble your food when nobody’s around. Make-up and accessories, cash, they have eyes on everything.
  • Who don’t know how to maintain hygiene
    I have seen people who are very ignorant about cleanliness. When it comes live in a small congested room, it is very important to clean it regularly. Plus there are people who don’t take account for disposing their used period products. I am not talking event that happened accidentally.
  • Loud people
    There are some people who will always play music loudly, talk loudly and even exist loudly. I don’t understand why these guys are so noisy.

No more rants today! Peace. ❤✌


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