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How to deal with stress? #126

We are the people united by one common problem- stress.

Stress can be categorized into 2 different types as

  1. Eu-stress and
  2. Distress
  • Eustress is the good guy that nobody is bothered about.

Wait what? Can stress be ever good for anyone?

Yes, it can be. For example, a mildly difficult problem can challenge your abilities and thus it helps in improving your problem solving skills. Overall it has positive impact on your life.

  • On the contrary, distress is what has negative impact on both your body and mind. For the rest of this post, distress will be referred to as distress.

Here are a few things you can do when in stress.

1.Talk to a friend/family

You could be someone everybody looks up to in your family or friends or the the youngest person in the group who is supposed to be the coolest. When in stress, you might be wondering why to bother anyone with your problems or it might hurt your “cool” image, you can handle it all by yourself. You keep on pushing yourself off to the limit and end up with unexpected misbehavior. Your close ones will forgive you for that but trust me, they would have been glad if you had considered to share your burden with them in the first place. You would also feel better.

2. Face it

Consider why you are stressed. Is it because you wasted all the time watching the new t.v. series and tomorrow you have a test? The best solution to this is to start studying right now if you still have got some time. The stress will release as you will finish the works one by one decreasing the amount of pending work. If you have got no time at all, then just pray to dear Lord!

So the main point is, if you can do something on what is bothering you, do it. Focus on what you can change or make better.

3. Stress releasing activities

Try to engage yourself in physical activities. It will reduce the stress hormones such as Adrenaline. You can go for swimming or dancing or anything of your choice. Drawing can relieve stress as well. Don’t deprive this world of the master piece you can probably create to cope with your stress!

4. Meditation

It is one of the most powerful way to deal with stress. Meditation will make you more capable to control your mind. Regular practice of meditation increases your focus, calms down your mind, reduces stress, improves your <a href=””>patience</.

5. Sleep

Not getting the proper sleep can make your body stressed. Again, stress prevents sound sleep. It’s kind of a dead-lock situation. So try to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule in the first place.

6. Comfort Food

What is the food you get if you spell stressed backwards? Yes, you’re right. Dessert it is. Sugar is capable to level down the stress related hormones. At the same time, you need to be careful about your sugar consumption as it can cause problems like obesity it certain limit is exceeded.

7. No coffee/cigarettes/alcohol

Alcohol while consumed in small quantity acts as a stimulant. It increases the release of dopamine that make you feel good temporarily. On the other hand, if you consume large quantity of it, the dopamin effect will start diminishing and it will act as a depressant (that slows down the activity of brain).

Coffee/Caffeine increases your blood pressure and heart rate which in turn worsens the situation.

Same is the case with cigarettes(nicotine).

8. Take notes

Every time you experience mental pressure, you need to learn the reason. Is this because you’re overburdened with work? Is this because you’re always running out of time? You need to reconsider those to deal with stress in a better way.

That’s all I had to say. Stay well guys!

[[Artwork by Reshma Khatun]]


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