When will people take you seriously? #125

These are some of the things I believe, make people take someone seriously.

  1. Punctual. People who are punctual are the best. It reflects how good you are at time management and how you value other’s time as well.
  2. Action adhering to speech. This is easy to say but hard to do. This year I’ll go to gym, skip junk food and stay fit. I’ll be social and spend time with my family rather than with electronic gadgets. Don’t promise too much. Let’s be practical and honest and try to achieve our goals.
  3. Knowing the situation. Telling a joke in a wrong situation, being overly casual in a formal set-up will nothing but ruin your importance.
  4. Not an attention ho. If you’re always wanting people’s attention, I’m afraid that it won’t last forever.
  5. Know your game. You need to be focused in your life. When you take your dreams and work towards it every day, people are more likely to take you seriously.
  6. Have an opinion. If your opinions change very easily, you are not sure about what you are supporting, people won’t value your opinion.
  7. Dress up. I won’t tell that you should wear only branded or expensive clothes to be taken seriously. Your choice of outfit will draw different type of people and different type of attention. It’s not bad to be bold but stay classy.
  8. Presence of mind. After all intelligence is sexy. This can save someone in lot awkward situations.
  9. Responsible. You know your responsibility and not ignoring it- that’s a work of brave heart. We know how hard it is to find a responsible person.
  10. Be nice but not a fool. People will mistreat you, betray you and take you for granted. Forgive people if possible but don’t be the person to put your trust in them again. Don’t give anyone the chance to do the same mistake again.

No more preaching man. I’m done! Peace✌❤

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