Firangi Bake ~ Restaurant Review

Firangi Bake is one of the restaurants I was thinking to try out from the day they had an outlet near my place. I kept on differing it until the day I got a great deal of discount on zomato for online orders.

I ordered their minced chicken lasagna and chocolate ecstasy. The dessert was added because of my zomato treat subscription(yes, it works).

Coming to the food- the lasagna was decent. The flavours were on the point. Only thing I hated about it, the thick cheese that felt hard and rubbery. Chocolate ecstasy was nothing but choco lava cake from sweet truth. It’s not the best but good.

Food – 3.5/5

Packaging – 5/5

Plus my food was delivered in just 30 minutes. Looking forward to try out their take on “fusion of tastes” and come and add my experience here.

Minced Chicken Lasagna
Minced Chicken Lasagna
Chocolate Ecstasy/ Chocolava cake
Chocolate Ecstasy/ Chocolava cake

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** This is not for promotional purposes. I hope it helps my fellow foodies to explore good food around here.

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4 thoughts on “Firangi Bake ~ Restaurant Review


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      Molten Cookie Dough

      (August 4, 2018 - 8:23 pm)

      Okay I will try somedayđŸ˜€

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