The Light and Sound show at Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad #121

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Every time I visited Golkonda Fort, someone mentioned the evening light and sound show. We always went during the day, so we never got to see it. But people talked about it as if it was better than the view of Hyderabad from the top viewpoint. Seriously? People around me tend to exaggerate things for no reason. Despite my doubts, I trusted them and decided to go to the show. Please don’t judge the quality of these photos; they don’t do justice to how disappointing the show actually was.

Here’s what happened: We bought our tickets and found our seats. It was dark and smelled strange in every area leading up to where we sat at night. Bats were hanging from the ceiling, occasionally flapping their wings for added excitement. Just before we reached our seats, a guy gave us mosquito repellent ointment (nice touch!).

There were no lights where we sat. Lights were placed in various areas of the fort, but despite their colorful presence, it was quite dark. I’m not sure if it was just that day or not, but it was hot and suffocating. However, we were determined to stay until the end because we had paid for this experience! The show depicted the historical background of the fort, which can be easily searched online. In general, the light and sound show is a completely different experience compared to visiting during daylight hours and could benefit from some enhancements to improve guests’ overall experience.

Click here to see how it looks at daytime.

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