Cellular movie review/spoiler #119

The story starts with an around 20 yo boy Ryan getting scolded by his ex-girlfriend. The girl was ridiculed with Ryan’s selfish and careless nature. She gave a little task to Ryan to gain her trust again. As soon as the girl turned her back to Ryan, he handed that task to his friend and started on his own way.

Ryan was young and good-looking. He was not serious about anything at all. Suddenly he got a call from a lady named Jessica.

Jessica, a lady who had been kidnapped by 5 guys, was locked up in a dark room with a broken telephone set. Jessica was trying to connect the wires of the shattered phone to make a call. After numerous trial she could connect a call but didn’t know who the person was. It was Jessica’s only chance to seek help. Ryan was not the best guy to ask help from. He didn’t believe Jessica at first but as she pleaded to give just 10 minutes to make her talk with a police officer, he agreed. Ryan headed towards a nearby police station and handed the call to an office. Due to a sudden attack in the police station the conversation could not finish. Meanwhile one of her kidnappers came to Jessica and threatened her. After listening to the shouts and threats Ryan believed it. The kidnappers were about to abduct Jessica’s little son as well. At that time, he was in school. Jessica was crying to save her son. Ryan tried his best but he failed to save the kid.

The next target was Jessica’s husband. Ryan tried to save him too but the bad guys got him first. Ryan was driving insanely violating traffic rules, he bought a charger as his phone was about to die on gunpoint, also stole a lawyer’s car in order to save the lady he didn’t know anything about. All the time he was talking to Jessica as well.

It turned out that Jessica’s husband has something important in the locker which the bad guys wanted. Ryan reached the bank at the right time and stole the bag. His life was at stake for this but he didn’t care. Jessica’s whole family was captured and Ryan made a plan to save them.

He called one of the kidnappers to make a deal. He would hand over the bag only if Jessica’s family is freed. But the kidnappers captured him too and beat him badly. In the mean time the police officer came to rescue them who talked to Jessica earlier that day over phone.

The truth about the kidnappers was revealed. They are actually police officers who killed two drug dealers on the spot. Jessica’s husband recorded this on a cam and fled away. Finally Jessica met Ryan for the first time. Ryan was shot in the leg and beaten badly. Just a few hours back, he talked to this complete stranger on phone and he didn’t realize how he gambled his life to save their lives.

Jessica fell short of words to show her gratitude towards Ryan. He replied, Do one thing. Never call me again!

It’s journey of Ryan from being punk to fight for a stranger’s life for the sake of humanity. Jessica had a big part as well. It was splendid to watch her never give up, without her presence of mind and courage her family could have get killed. The several failures of Ryan and Jessica in their attempts to save their lives make the movie less than obvious.

I have a few questions though…

  • How can a biology teacher connect a call from a broken telephone?
  • Ryan did buy a charger at gun point but when did he charge his phone?
  • Jessica’s husband had no role to save the family. Why?!
  • Why didn’t he do anything about the videotape in the first place?
  • Why did the police officer stop investigating on Jessica just because some lady was calling herself Jessica?

P.S. I watched it for Chris Evans and didn’t regret ! 😅❤

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