Did I watch Cellular(2004) only for Chris Evans? #119

Ryan, aged around 20, was scolded by his ex-girlfriend for being selfish and careless. She gave him a task to gain her trust back, but as soon as she turned away he handed it off to a friend and went on his own way. Good-looking and carefree, Ryan received a call from Jessica.

Jessica, a woman who had been kidnapped by five men, was locked in a dark room with a broken telephone. She tried to connect the wires of the shattered phone to make a call and eventually succeeded. But she didn’t know who she’d reached. It was her only chance for help.

Ryan wasn’t the best person to ask for assistance, but when Jessica begged him for just 10 minutes so she could speak to a police officer, he agreed and went off towards the nearest station. Unfortunately, an attack occurred at the station before they could finish their conversation. Meanwhile one of her kidnappers came into Jessica’s room and threatened her. After hearing shouts and threats Ryan believed it—the abductors were about to take Jessica’s son from school as well! She wept in desperation while Ryan did his best—but failed—to save the child.

Ryan tried to save Jessica’s husband, but the bad guys got him first. Driving recklessly and breaking traffic laws, he bought a charger at gunpoint when his phone was about to die. He also stole a lawyer’s car in an effort to save the woman he knew nothing about. All this time, he was talking with Jessica too. It turned out that her husband had something important in a locker that the bad guys wanted. Ryan reached the bank just in time and grabbed the bag, risking his own life without hesitation.

Jessica’s entire family had been captured and Ryan devised a plan to save them: he called one of their kidnappers and offered to hand over the bag if they released her family. But they caught him too and beat him badly until a police officer—the same one who’d spoken with Jessica earlier—arrived on the scene and rescued them all.

The truth about the kidnappers was revealed: they were actually police officers who killed two drug dealers on the spot. Jessica’s husband had recorded this on a cam and fled away. Finally, Jessica met Ryan for the first time; he had been shot in the leg and beaten badly. Just a few hours prior, he’d talked to this complete stranger on the phone—unaware of how he was risking his life to save theirs. Jessica couldn’t find words to express her gratitude towards Ryan. He replied, “Do one thing: never call me again!”

It’s a journey of Ryan’s from being punk to fighting for a stranger’s life for the sake of humanity. Jessica had an important role too. It was wonderful to watch her never give up; without her quick thinking and bravery, her family could have been killed. The multiple failures of Ryan and Jessica in their attempts to save them make the movie less than clear-cut.

I have a few questions though…

  • How can a biology teacher connect a call from a broken telephone?
  • Ryan did buy a charger at gun point but when did he charge his phone?
  • Jessica’s husband had no role to save the family. Why?!
  • Why didn’t he do anything about the videotape in the first place?
  • Why did the police officer stop investigating on Jessica just because some lady was calling herself Jessica?

Over all I would rate Cellular(2004) 6.5 out of 10.

P.S. Now, coming to the question of the title- yes, I did watch the movie for Chris Evans. 😅❤

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