“If Stalking was an art…” #117

A few stories back, I wrote about this guy named Srinath whom I was introduced to by my colleagues. He seemed to be a nice guy so I wished to have some talk with him. Being a socially awkward and shy person I couldn’t make a move to kick off a good conversation. We met 2-3 times after that in our mutual friends’ parties. But we didn’t have that much of a conversation.

I didn’t know much about him either… where he works, how old he is etc. So I searched with his name in FaceBook and after going through some 30 profiles I finally found his profile. It was hard to find him because we don’t have any mutual friends/connections on FaceBook. But I didn’t get answers of my questions. Then my (re)search extended to Linked In. I found his profile there as well. Now this part, I’m not exactly sure but I think I’ve visited his profile more than once. I hope it’s not more than twice, then it’s already creepy.

I’m such a dumb that I didn’t know that Linked In notifies the user of his/her profile visitors. The day I came to know about this was probably the same day when Srinath saw his notifications and sent me connection request. That’s it. We aren’t friends on FaceBook. Everytime I talk to him a little voice screams inside me, he knows that you’ve stalked him!!

Another incident I remember in this context. There was a guy in my office who used to work with me in the same project. Ritz was one of the friendliest people I’ve come across at my workplace. Although we had good interaction due to work, I didn’t know much about him. It’s Typical of me to search people on FaceBook in my free time. I don’t have a wish to smell desperate but I did visit Ritz’s profile a few times. I got to know about his weird nick name, his hobbies, I found a cray cray beach of my college in his friend list too.

God saved me from the embarrassment of accidentally liking or commenting on his posts out of nowhere. We are not connected on FB. On several occasions I was about to spill the tea about how much important information I have gathered about him from FaceBook. I know if I do it there will be 2 definite reactions…

1. So all this time you were stalking me on FaceBook!

2. Why didn’t you send me friend request then?

That’s all for today.😅


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