Stalking people because of Boredom, Curiosity and Shyness #117

A few weeks ago, my coworkers introduced me to their friend Srinath during dinner at a restaurant. My first impression of him was that he was polite and knowledgeable. However, as someone who is socially awkward and shy, I struggled to have a meaningful conversation with Srinath. We met a couple more times through our mutual friends, but our conversations remained limited. I didn’t know much about him – where he worked or how old he was. To find out more information, I searched for his name on Facebook and after scrolling through around 30 profiles, I finally found his profile. It was difficult to locate because we didn’t have any mutual friends or connections on Facebook. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the answers to my questions there either. So, my search extended to LinkedIn where I also found his profile. Now this part is uncertain, but I believe I may have visited his profile more than once. Hopefully not more than twice though; that would be considered creepy already.

I’m so dumb that I didn’t know that LinkedIn notifies the user of their profile visitors. The day I found out about this was probably the same day when Srinath saw his notifications and sent me a connection request. That’s it. We’re not friends on Facebook. Every time I talk to him, a little voice screams inside me, he knows you’ve stalked him!!

Another incident comes to mind in this context. There was a guy in my office who worked with me on the same project. Anubhav was one of the friendliest people I’ve met at work. Although we had good interactions due to work, I didn’t know much about him personally. It’s typical of me to search for people on Facebook during my free time. I don’t want to seem desperate, but I did visit Anubhav’s profile a few times. I discovered his weird nickname, his hobbies, and even found some familiar faces from college among his friends list too! Thank goodness nothing embarrassing happened like accidentally liking or commenting on his posts out of nowhere since we’re not connected on FB.

On several occasions, I almost spilled the tea about how much important information I gathered about him from Facebook. If I do it, there will be 2 definite reactions…

So all this time you were stalking me on Facebook! Why didn’t you send me friend request then?

That’s all for today.😅

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Fast forward five years, I am no longer in touch with Srinath. We never really became close friends, even though we used to hang out frequently with our mutual friends from work. Last year, Srinath got married and invited me to his wedding. However, I couldn’t attend because of time and financial constraints. Instead, I watched the live stream of his reception party!

Anubhav and I still keep in touch. Coincidentally, he ended up at the same company as me after a couple of job changes. Anubhav is now married to his college sweetheart. I was slightly disappointed to learn about his wedding through someone else’s post. Since I don’t have active Instagram or Facebook accounts, it’s hard for me to stay updated on these events. About a month before his wedding, Anubhav called me on my phone and asked about whom to contact for taking long leaves since he had just joined the company a few weeks ago. Maybe it was too much for me to expect or maybe I still get confused between friends and acquaintances.

In my late 20s, my circle of friends has significantly shrunk. I no longer have the time, energy, or motivation to stalk people. I do check on my friends through texts and calls occasionally, but stalking is a thing of the past now! 🙂

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