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How I spent February 2018 #114

I set some goals for February at the beginning of the month.

This has been a difficult month. Or maybe I’m too good at making excuses these days. But at the end of the month, I’m here to look back and consider my achievements and failures on a very general sense.

1. My 1st and most important goal was to teach myself something new regarding anything- I did learn a few new stuffs but I think I need to have proper idea of what I need to work upon.

2. Giving my mind the proper relaxation- Nope. I didn’t do anything regarding that.😓

3. I tried to minimize junk food consumption for this month- At least it was less than January.😅

4. This can be counted as cheating. I couldn’t finish the novel by 28th of February. Surprisingly I did it by 1st of March.

5. I completed 10 restaurants reviews for February. Zomato has made the maximum review limit to 10 in order to prevent spamming.

6. I didn’t get the specs yet although I had several occasions to do so.

7. I did buy a salwar suit that I’m never going to wear. I threw my salary to the lady who helped me out in wearing the saree for a wedding invitation. I didn’t find any more stupid reasons to spend money on.

Apart from the goals I set, this is how it went. I attended a wedding and had a lot of fun this month. I also celebrated my birthday and watched Black Panther with my sister. Additionally, I was extremely sick for about 7 days, even though I only took one day off work.

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