March Notes #115

The main goal that I want to have for this month is to be present and productive.

1. Learn something new and make use of it in a possible scenario. Rating myself on my progress on daily basis.

2. Have a proper sleeping schedule and make a habit of waking up early. Since last couple of months my sleeping schedule has been pretty messed up. I need to get it right now!

3. Make changes in eating habits as well. Try to reduce consumption of fast food as much as possible.

4. Watch 2 Marvel movies. Only 1 will be left for April before Infinity War!

5. Take up a new novel to read.

6. Get away from social media for a while.

7. Get a spec. Let’s see how many months it takes to get a damn spec.

8. Get verification done for my wallet app and phone number.

9. Finish all the outstanding reviews on Zomato.

10. Reading about social issues.

This should have come up on 1st of March. Always pushing works and responsibilities till the last moment… that’s how it has always been in my life. 😖

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