Imagination #113

Imagination :

It’s a nation, where everything works just as it pleases you.

Are you sick and tired of your boring job?

Does your crush not have a crush on you?

Does your mom cook the same boring food everyday?

Say no more.

Presenting the people’s nation- Imagination.

You can have your dream job. You can eat all day without getting fat. You can all the books you want plus all the time you need to read them. Nobody bullies you there. You can be living your best life. Or maybe for a change your life is full of adventure, full of challenges but still everything is under your control.

Unlike any other countries in the world, travelling to Imagination is absolutely free if cost. No visa is required. No holiday plan is needed. You can visit this place at any time. But you need to remember the rules.

You can’t stay there forever.

While coming back, you can’t bring any of their citizens with you.

You cannot have any proof of what you did there.

Nevertheless you’ll have a memory of the experience. You might be able to recreate some situation/objects that you witnessed there.

Many people love to write/draw/try to emulate those experience in real life. They are the people who work for the travelling agencies of the country. Taking help of a travelling agency may cost some money depending on your choice.

Feel free to write back to me for any more queries. As a regular visitor of the country, I hope I can guide you to world’s most favourite destination- Imagination!


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