Photo Story : Reading my sister’s diary #112

Talking of “personal space”…I had absolutely no idea about it until the day somebody picked up my personal diary for reading. That happened when I was probably 16 or 17. Yes, I was a total hot mess and I used to date a lot of cute guys in my mind. In real life, they didn’t even know about my existence. Before all this happened and I realized what “personal space” is, I had invaded into my elder sister’s personal space many a time.

Sissy is 5 years older than me. She had a habit of maintaining a diary since very young age. I don’t remember if she made an effort to hide her personal diaries but I found them anyway!

Not only did I read all her stuffs but also I made notes of what I can use later to pull her legs. Apart from jokes I got to know her better.

  • Sissy was a passionate writer. She was an extrovert, fun-loving girl. She loved to dance, take part in drama and other stuffs. Unfortunately, very few people would know this side of her.
  • She loved to draw as well. Boy oh boy! I should have saved all those cool drawings she had in her diary.
  • No boy-friend! Although I read a lot about her life but I got no mention about her love interests. Probably it was the highly classified thing she chose to keep to herself (as the diary was already compromised).
  • She wrote about me. She has always been a loving and caring sister. I never found an instance when she was jealous of me. But yes, there have been times when I have annoyed her. She wrote about one such time in her diary.

I don’t know if Sissy has read my diaries as well. I am not as good as a person like her. I am a lot more flawed. My diaries are proof of how great of an emotional snob I am, rants and more rants and things that have impact on my mind. Apart from that, I used to write short stories and even poems! The world missed a great deal of literary work by a 10 yo kid.😂

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