My Earliest Memory of Internalized Colorism #111

While going through my old photos on Facebook, I found this one. The photo idea was a simple one: one day, I looked at the mirror and saw that I looked exactly like my sister. The avatars you see were customized by both me and Sissy. Our skin tones are almost identical. However, when we were children, I used to tell her, “You know what? I’m fairer than you.” Looking back now, it seems silly that I considered myself fairer than her. But why did fairness even matter? It was just an irrational thought that stuck with me as I grew up. 😓 You can easily identify me from the photo; it’s quite obvious!

It’s strange to comprehend now how the idea came to me. While growing up, I experienced colorism in society, which taught me to be kind and open-minded. I want to pass this lesson on to future generations so that they never make such jokes always be compassionate towards others.

[Colorism (noun) : prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.]

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