I attended a South Indian Wedding #110

After so many rituals and functions this was the day when Bunny and Betty would be finally married.

Luckily their wedding was on a holiday which should provide me with unlimited(almost) time to get ready. I attended all the previous functions coming directly from office. I couldn’t bear to come to the wedding like that. In fact I had been planning for this since last 6 months. I wanted to wear a saree on the wedding day just like any of my friends would do. The main problem is I don’t know how to wear a saree and there’s neither mom nor a friend who could help me out. I was practicing with my mom’s saree but I could clearly feel the imperfection. I hoped that I would get better and before the day, I would be confident enough to wear a saree by myself. But this is my life, here we realize things at the very last moment when there is no plan B.

I brought a saree and I was determined to wear it on the wedding day. But my skills weren’t taking me anywhere. The day before Bunny’s wedding I gave up on my plan. There was no time to buy a lehenga or a salwar suit. All my hopes were lost. On that day, I was talking to another girl, Purni. She was invited to the wedding as well. She was on the same page with me. Planning to wear a saree but can’t do it by herself. In the evening she went to a parlour and asked if they could help us out.

A lady agreed to help us but she charged a good amount for that. We were late for the ceremony as well. Wedding rituals were already finished. People were meeting the couple and giving the gifts then. It was good to see that every other girl was dressed up like us so we didn’t feel awkward for being extra!

Yes. We loved the attention we got that day! 😂 The food, the crazy photos and the gossips- what can I ask more for?


Previous rituals of the wedding :

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