I attended a South Indian Wedding : Sangeet #109


This was the first time for me to attend any sangeet. As per as I know from the movies, sangeet is the day before wedding the 2 families will meet and celebrate the time singing and dancing. I’m admitting that my knowledge on this is very limited. We Bengalis don’t have sangeet in our weddings traditionally. But as far as fun is concerned, people have become more welcoming to celebrate the wedding in new ways.

As usual, I had to attend the sangeet after coming from work and the timing didn’t permit me to dress up properly.

I’m single and 23 years old. I badly need some occasions to dress up and make everybody’s head turned to me and say, “Wow! Look at her!😍” But in reality I would dress like a broke and look a potato.😓

This ceremony was also important to me because Kenn would come. Now this part is a little weird. I met Kenn at my colleague’s birthday party. My colleague introduced us. Kenn is a well-mannered guy. It would have been fun if we were good friends. I have met him 2-3 times but I didn’t get any opportunity to go and talk to him in person. I wanted to have more interaction with him on this occasion.😅

Coming to the actual story again… my uber was late and we were stuck in traffic too. When I finally reached the venue, my make-up was smudged, I was tired and hungry. It would be too odd if I would start gobbling food immediately after stepping inside but honestly I couldn’t even stand still or think anything except food.

Bunny and Betty were having photos with their guests. They literally hired a professional DJ for their sangeet ! He was playing all the catchy beats of Bollywood. There was a free space in front of the sound system. I saw girls dancing and giggling. Aunties too weren’t far behind. Kids were jumping haphazardly. It was clear to see how they were enjoying themselves.

It was the perfect example of “dance like nobody is watching”. I was feeling like a part of a Bollywood movie but in a homely atmosphere. My colleagues joined the dance floor soon and they pulled me to the stage. I can’t dance. No. I just can’t. I wasn’t enjoying less sitting on the couch. Moving your body with the beats- that’s not my thing. I stealthily made my way to the back of the hall where people were sitting. Kenn was seating in the next row. Even though he escaped the dance floor just like me, he was asking me why I was not dancing. Better you shut your mouth and talk to me about other things!

I enjoyed the songs, the atmosphere, the food- everything. It was more like a multicultural wedding. At the end of the functions all the female guests were given churis( bangles?). They said that it was a part of a ritual. That’s cool! Unexpected gifts are the best.

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