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Attending Sangeet in a Bit Fat Indian Wedding #109

This was my first time attending a sangeet. From what I’ve seen in movies, the sangeet is when the two families meet and celebrate with singing and dancing the day before the wedding. My knowledge about this is limited since Bengalis traditionally don’t have sangeet ceremonies at their weddings. However, people have become more open to new ways of celebrating weddings, which includes having a sangeet for fun.

As usual, I had to attend the sangeet right after work and didn’t have enough time to dress up properly. Being single and 23 years old, I really needed some occasions where I could dress up and turn every head around me saying “Wow! Look at her!😍” But in reality, I would end up dressing like a broke and looking like a potato. 😓

This ceremony was more interesting because I knew Sandeep’s other friends would also come. Even though I call these guys “friends,” they all met at work and eventually changed teams, companies, or cities. However, they still kept in touch. Interestingly, some of them had worked on the same project as me before I was hired. I heard their names from my current teammates who have been there since the beginning of the project.

Now let’s get back to the actual story… It was a long day at work followed by a tiring Uber ride to the venue. I ended up being late due to heavy traffic. When I finally arrived at the venue, my makeup was smudged and I felt tired and hungry. It would be strange if I started eating immediately upon entering but honestly, all I could think about was food and trying not to fall over.

Sandeep and Sikha were taking photos with their guests. They hired a professional DJ for their sangeet! He played all the catchy beats of Bollywood. There was an open space in front of the sound system. I saw girls dancing and giggling, and aunties weren’t far behind. Kids were jumping around randomly. It was clear that they were enjoying themselves, exemplifying “dance like nobody is watching.” I felt like I was in a Bollywood movie but in a cozy atmosphere at home.

My colleagues soon joined the dance floor and pulled me onto the stage. I can’t dance; no, I really can’t. Moving my body to the beats just isn’t my thing. So, I quietly made my way to the back of the hall where people were seated.

I enjoyed the songs, atmosphere, and food – everything. It felt like a multicultural wedding. At the end of the functions, all female guests received bangles as part of a ritual. That’s cool! Unexpected gifts are the best.

On the Sangeet ceremony I barely got a chance to talk to Sandeep and Sikha, but after observing Sikha for the few hours of the even I came to the conclusion that Sikha could be just as awkward as me!

Thanks for reading. Check out the next story to know my experience of attending Sandeep and Sikha’s wedding!

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