I attended a South Indian Wedding : Enagagement #108

The Engagement

It was just the day after I returned from a visit to my hometown. I received a call from Chubby Bunny to attend his engagement ceremony.

Bunny got this particular name for most obvious reasons. I knew that Bunny had a girlfriend but I didn’t know what are they up to. Bunny is probably 28 now. He was dating Betty since they were in high school. It’s been quite a long time but Bunny’s family was unaware of this. It took a lot of courage to confess his love to his parents. He planned his game very well. First he told his mom and convinced her. One day Bunny’s father was talking to him before switching off his phone on a flight. Bunny told him about his girlfriend on that call so that his father got enough time to think about it before discussing with anybody or getting angry. Then there were a lot of discussions and family meet ups from both side and their wedding was fixed.

For my last experience of a South Indian wedding invitation I didn’t know what to ask for. Wedding invitation means good food and watching other girls(come on! You need to appreciate how nicely the girls dress up in an Indian wedding. Just #gorgeous) for me. Don’t judge me but that’s all I have in mind when it comes to a wedding. Bengalis have a special love for food and specially for non-vegetarian dishes. We can’t imagine a wedding dinner without a good number of chicken/mutton starters and main courses. As far as I knew, Bunny was a vegeterian and non-veg would be the last thing to think about in his wedding. Half of my motivation was already gone. I had to attend his engagement even if any of motives are not fulfilled!😅

I didn’t have a decent dress that I could wear in both office and his engagement ceremony as I had to come from office. My mom got me a salwar suit that went out of trend probably a decade ago. But who cares?

I was there for a very short time. I met Bunny and Betty, congratulated them, clicked a few group photos with them and my other colleagues who attended the engagement, had lunch and came back. Surprisingly they had a little arrangement for non-veg dishes that saved my lunch. I couldn’t stay to see all the rituals. While going through the photos of the day, I could hardly find my face. I was in the last row, farthest from the bride and groom, almost pushed out of the frame.😓

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