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Brave : the movie (spoiler) #107

Brave is a story of Princess Amanda, who was carefree and brave. She liked to do things her own way. One day, her dad (the king) decided to marry her off with a prince of a neighboring kingdom, which would be beneficial for his own kingdom. The queen was loving but bossy. She taught the princess lots of rules and regulations that must be followed by the princess. However, the young mind wasn’t ready to bind itself with these rules, nor did she want to marry any prince (none were as courageous as the princess).

One day after a fight with her mom, Amanda was very upset. She met a witch in a dense jungle and asked her for a magic potion for her mom – eventually turning the queen into a bear! After much struggle, the princess managed to restore her mother’s human state and their relationship strengthened too.

The princess returned to the kingdom and convinced everyone who came to marry her go back home; they lived happily ever after.

The fate is inside us,we have to be brave enough to find that. 🙂

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