Spoiler Free Movie Review – Black Panther #86

I had a great time watching Black Panther on Sunday. It has already generated a lot of buzz worldwide. If you haven’t seen it yet, trust me, you’ll be missing out on an amazing experience if you don’t watch it.

Strongest Point: The story is surprisingly good. I loved T’challa’s personal journey to become a king, warrior, and good man. But the movie isn’t just about him. It’s also about his people: the people of his country and those from outside his country who are like him. All the warriors around him are women. You will sympathize with the villain, yet it also shows why they were wrong. Compared to recent superhero movies like Justice League, it’s much better. I won’t compare it to Thor Ragnarok since it includes elements from previous MCU movies.

Cast: All the actors in the movie are black and beautiful, except for two white guys. They are all well-known actors worldwide, but I was specifically looking for this type of film. There is a lack of representation of black people in significant roles in English movies, so I appreciated that most of them received enough focus alongside Black Panther.

Comparing to all origin movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from Iron Man and Captain America: The First Avenger to Black Panther, they are all really good movies. Black Panther did not disappoint the audience as an origin story. It set up the world of Black Panther in a great way, and we are ready for more.

All CGI stuff: As a technologically advanced nation, it didn’t look like a city from another planet. It looked realistic, which I loved the most. The action sequences are good, not over the top.

Characters: I have a list. Where should I start? Nakia, Okiyo, SHURII, and of course T’challa. You will feel for Killmonger as well. I also liked some other people but there will be spoilers if I mention them. I am looking forward to seeing more of Shuri and the others. I loved that they showed us some African culture – the clothing, the ceremony, the dance – everything was different and beautiful. It fit well with the movie. I could go on and on but it’s definitely a must-watch for MCU fans. Even if you haven’t watched any MCU movies or many superhero movies, you can still go for it. It’s a perfect set up for Avengers Infinity War.

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