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Achieving the Milestone of writing 100 Blogs #100

It’s the 100th story in the (online) book of my life. I don’t consider it a great achievement, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little good about it either. When I started writing, I had nobody to talk to except my family and two friends. Going to work felt robotic and weighed heavy on my heart. No matter what I did or where I went, my heart never felt better for long. My mind was chaotic with thoughts of failure, bad decisions, and an inability to keep up with changing surroundings.

This isn’t top-notch writing quality, but I allowed myself to write freely without fear of judgment. Writing down even the stupidest things helped me escape dark thoughts and enjoy myself in the process.

After writing many blogs, I’ve found it easier to understand my pain points. What bothers me the most? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I sit down to write? I’ve realized that certain things make me cry repeatedly, as proven by my stories. You can’t fight a battle without knowing what you’re up against; unknown enemies are particularly dangerous. Sometimes, that enemy resides in your own mind – it’s the little voice inside telling you negative things like “you’re fat,” “you’re ugly,” “you’ll never find love,” or “you can’t do this.” Once you realize this voice is just jealous and doubtful of your abilities, you will find strength to treat it as noise not worth your time. Stay well and blessed! Much love.❤


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