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Social Experiment – Hot Girl vs. Homeless Girl #101

Hot Girl Asking for Makeup Money:

A girl (let’s call her Ell) sat with a sign that read “Need money for buying make-up.” She was wearing a fashionable outfit and seemed to have her basic needs fulfilled. However, she wanted more – specifically, makeup. Many people approached her and gave whatever they could.

“Makeup? Seriously? You need money for makeup?” asked someone. “Yeah, it’s so expensive these days,” she replied. A woman appreciated Ell for being genuine while a man gave her money only to ask for her number and get rejected. “I said I need money, not a boyfriend,” she clarified. Finally, another man approached and said, “You need money for makeup? People don’t even have food to eat. Get out of here.” He then threw the board away and stormed off.

Homeless Girl Asking for Makeup Money:

Ell dressed up as a homeless girl and sat on the sidewalk with a sign that read “Need money for food.” Unfortunately, people didn’t seem to care. Only a few individuals came forward. Eventually, when a middle-aged man brought some food and gave it to her, Ell had to confess that it was all part of a social experiment.


So what did we learn from this experiment?

People were more responsive to superficial needs than someone’s need for sustenance. How many homeless people do we encounter every day? And how many do we empathize with or even acknowledge at all?

I’m no psychologist, but let me put it this way: I believe we tend to help those whose problems we can relate to. While I know how expensive branded clothes/makeup can be, I don’t know what it’s like to sleep on the street or go hungry.

After all, it’s your money and your choice. If you have a fixed amount of money, spend it on the things you need most. When helping someone, make sure to reach out to those who need it the most. This is how we can create a better world. These are some reactions from people who have kept my hope for a better world alive through this experiment.

[Edit(2023): After watching YouTube for a while, I realized that social experiments might be heavily scripted to get more views or push a certain narrative. It’s hard to tell what reactions are real and which ones are fake. I’m not sure if this one was fabricated for entertainment purposes or not. Regardless, let’s all try to hold onto our humanity and kindness by helping those in need.]

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