Who is worse than terrorists? #99


There is a working woman aged between 30-35 lives in the exact opposite room of mine. In our hostel all the rooms have 2/3/4 beds. In each floor there’s just one room which has accommodation for single person. Through all these years, I came across the people who lived in those single-bed rooms. There’s some uncanny similarities in all those people that perfectly justify why they should live alone. Here’s one example.

Sujata, who lives opposite to my room tries every possible way to talk to people whenever she sees one. After coming from office neither me nor my sister have that time or energy to spare on talking to her for half an hour straight. Nevertheless she gets plenty of people for chattering in her local tongue. Even though we don’t get enough time to talk to people, I don’t remember to be rude to anyone.

Oneday I kept some eggs in the fridge in a box. We didn’t have an egg-holding tray or anything so I kept it in the lowest possible place from where it was unlikely to fall. Sujata dropped that box somehow and broke the eggs. She immediately came to our room and informed us about it. I assumed it to be unintentional.

After 2 hours of the incident we heard Sujata to talk to someone in high pitch. Normally she talks in her local toungue which we don’t understand. But then she was shouting in English. It wasn’t hard to tell that she was trying to convey to us without directly talking to us.

The gist of the conversation was somebody threw her cloth away that was hung from the corridor window. She concluded by herself that it must be me or my sister to do it as she broke the eggs. The other girl didn’t mind to take part in the rant.

“Their parents mustn’t have taught anything. How can people working in industries do such mean things! I will go to Uncle(owner) and ask about the cctv footage. These guys need to learn a lession.”

The door was closed but I could feel the heat in her voice. She kept on rebuking us without calling us out for an hour or so. She knocked 2-3 doors and talked to other girls. Later, my sister was walking in the corridor and Sujata started talking to her.

“You know what? Somebody threw my clothes away from the window. They are such criminal mind that they switched off the light so that nothing was recorded in cctv. These people are even worse than terrorist…” (chattering continues)

My sister was bewildered to know that this person thought that even terrorists were better than us. Did someone just make a full proof plan to throw her ratchet clothes away?

We had no part in throwing her clothes. The place where she hangs her clothes is no place for doing so. We don’t care if she has broken the eggs or not. We won’t do such things. She tried her best to make us feel guilty of something we haven’t done. I don’t understand how can somebody have such shallow thoughts in an age like this.

This is how we became even worse than terrorists according the most knowledgable and loving neighbour of us.

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