What’s Your Number : the movie (spoiler) #98

As soon as Ally woke up next to a random guy in her bed, she stealthily made her way to the washroom and did a little bit of touch up so that she could pull off that sexy morning look. She made breakfast for him and asked him if he could accompany her to her sister Daisy’s wedding.

The guy denied and left.

Ally went to office just to lose her job. On her way home, she happened to read a magazine about a survey. It said that 10.9 is number of lovers on average for 96% of the women in USA. The figure seemed to be very low to Ally but when she started writing her own number( number of guys she had slept with) it turned out to be 19.

Ally decided thag she would no more increase this “number” and settle down. On her sister’s engagement party she drank too much and ended up sleeping with her boss who fired her. As per her decision she had to marry this guy now but sooner she realized that she wouldn’t like to do so.

So how could she keep her number from increasing and still find the love of her life?

One of the way was to keep in touch with all the guys she had dated so far and get back together with one of them.

There was a guy next door who promised Ally to find all of her ex-boyfriends. Colin was also like Ally, sleeping next to new people now and then. Colin was a handsome dude who straightforwardly was hitting on her but Ally had made her mind not to cross her number.

Sometimes to hide from girls in his apartment, Colin used to hide in Ally’s room and sometimes Ally acted like his girlfriend to help him get rid of those girls. This mutual help developed a friendship between them.

Ally started meeting all her ex-es with the help of Colin. Everyone seemed to be handsome than before but that didn’t change the fact why their relationship didn’t work out at the first place. But Ally kept on trying.

Ally’s sister and friends warned her about Colin and told her why he was just another guy like the 20 people she had been with.

There was just one guy left, Jake Adams. A really rich guy from Ally’s college. Colin couldn’t track him down.

Ally and Colin had became close friends with each other, they didn’t judge each other for their life styles, they appreciated each other’s interest and opinion. Oneday Ally found out that Colin lied about Jake Adams. He already knew his whereabouts.

Learning this, Ally got very upset with Colin and stop talking to him. She met Jake, the “perfect” guy. He was succesful, rich and ambitious. He didn’t take Ally’s lightly and left in the middle of Daisy’s wedding party.

After all this, Ally realised that Colin was the guy who actually never judged her, he appreciated her in the way she was. They were too close but Colin respected her decision not to have sex with just another guy and increase the damn number. This part was a little bit dramatic where Ally rides a bicycle wearing a dress searching for Colin everywhere.

Finally she found him and confessed her love to him. As she woke up in the morning next to Colin, she got a voice message from one of her ex-boyfriend confirming that they never had sex while they dated each other. That technically made Ally to find her love without breaking her promise!

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