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Business Site Set-up Session on WordPress #96

When you upgrade your website plan from free/personal to the business plan, you gain access to many new features that you may not be aware of. WordPress offers beginners the opportunity to speak with a WordPress Engineer for assistance with setting up their website. You will have several options available, including courses, relevant guides, and documents. You can schedule your session up to 7 days in advance. Once scheduled, you will receive an email asking for confirmation of your availability. You also have the option to reschedule if needed. The email will include information about who will be assisting you during the session. Before the session begins, you need to download an app for screen sharing and conversation setup on your system. The steps required are very simple and will be outlined in the email notification sent to you.

My Experience

I was ready with my system and joined the session as soon as it was time. Maureen (the lady who would attend to me) asked me to share the screen. She inquired about my primary goal for this website. “My goal is to design a simple website with an elegant layout, etc.” She then asked about any queries I had regarding the set-up.

I had ample time before joining the session, but being ignorant and a procrastinator, I didn’t prepare any questions. I assumed it would be like lectures from high school or college where the lecturer talks about a specific topic for the entire period and highlights all important information. If you attended class, you’d learn the basics.

There were students who read ahead so they could have a better understanding during lectures and ask questions if needed. Unfortunately, I was never one of those students!

I wasn’t prepared for that question, but I had a few issues. The new theme messed up my previous settings, and I wasn’t sure how to fix everything. Maureen helped me with all of the problems I asked for assistance with. Additionally, my internet connection was not cooperating at all. It took half the time it should have to load pages from my end. The session lasted only half an hour because I didn’t have any further questions at that point.

Final Thought:

Overall, the session was helpful and informative. It’s not that I couldn’t do all those things by myself, but it might have taken a long time to figure out. It provided a little push in the right direction to explore the platform. I realized that the more time I spend exploring and understanding the interface on my own, the easier it will be. It’s good to see that WordPress has talented and patient engineers who don’t mind answering my questions. After all, you have to ask someone if you’re confused. Cheers to the WordPress team! Cheers to all the beautiful bloggers! May our family continue growing forever.

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