Business Site Set-up Session on WordPress #96

When you upgrade your website plan from free/personal to business plan, a lot of new features come into your reach, that you may not be aware of. WordPress provides the beginner with a chance to talk to a WordPress Engineer to get help from him/her reagarding the website set-up. You will get to see several options including courses, relevant guides and documents. You can schedule your session 7 days prior to the actual time. As soon as you schedule it, you will get a mail asking for confirmation of your availability. You will have reschedule option too. You will know who’s going to help you out from the mail itself. Prior to the session you need to set up your system downloading an app for screen sharing and conversation. The steps are very simple and that will mentioned in the mail.

My Experience

I was ready with my system and joined the session as soon as it was time. Maureen ( the lady who was to attend me) asked me to share the screen. She asked me about what is my primary goal to achieve through this website. “My goal is to design a simple website with elegant layout and so on…” She asked me what are the queries I have regarding the set-up.

I had fair amount of time before joining the session but I am such an ignorant human being and procrastinator that I didn’t prepare any question for the session. I thought it would be like the lectures in my high-school and college. The lecturer will talk about a particular topic for the whole period, he/she will highlight all the important information. If you attend the class, you’ll get to know the basics. There were kids who used to read the chapter before the class so that when they attend the lecture they can have better understanding and moreover they can ask some doubts too. I was never among those people!

I wasn’t prepared for that question but I had a few problems like the new theme had messed up my previous settings and I wasn’t sure how to put everything back to their positions. Maureen addressed all of the problems I asked help for. And there was my internet connection that wasn’t cooperating at all. It took half of the time to load the pages from my end. The session was for half an hour and it didn’t extend as I had no queries at that point.

Final Thought:

Overall, the session was helpful and informative. It’s not that I couldn’t do all those things by myself but it might have taken long time to figure out. It was like a little push to right direction to explore the platform. I realized that more I spend time on exploring and understanding the interface by myself, the easier it will be. It’s good to see that WordPress has got some really talented and patient engineers who doesn’t mind to answer my silly questions. After all, you have to ask someone if you have any confusion.

Cheers to the WordPress team! Cheers to all the beautiful bloggers! May our family grow bigger forever. ❤🤓

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