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Setting Personal Goals for February 2018 #94

As far as I’m anticipating there’s going to be a lot of changes in February, 2018. From my previous month’s experience, I had to include a few things in this month’s goal.

1. Teaching myself something new regarding studies.
2. Engaging myself in some stress relieving activity on regular basis.
[Edit(2023): Lol, I still try to have some stress relieving activities in my daily routine! I am so thankful to my past self for taking care of myself and making me future-ready!]
3. Maintaining healthy eating habit and have a limit on count of the days I’m eating outside.
[Edit(2023): During pandemic in 2020 I achieved a 1.5 years’ streak for not ordering and eating outside. Life is so unpredictable!]
4. Finishing the novel I am reading currently.
5. Finishing the pending restaurant reviews on Zomato(at least 10).
6. Get a pair of glasses.
7. Spending money more responsibly. ( I don’t know why I’m even keeping this. I’m surely gonna lose this one).

I think that’s more than enough for a month. Let’s see how it goes!

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