Summary : Jan 2018 #93

At the beginning of this month I set some goals for myself. Now it’s time to review my work and summarise this month!

1. I had to teach myself at least one new thing related to technology. I have done this one very poorly. I would have to squeeze extra time out of my busy schedule to work on it. 80% work is going to carried over to the month which is a terrible thing.

2. I watched 5 movies this month- including

  • Thor 2
  • Thor 3
  • Iron Man 3
  • Gifted
  • The Nanny Diaries

Now you know why I didn’t get enough time for the first one. 😅

3. I had the hair treatment done. Here’s how it went.

4. I reviewed and posted all my pending stories from last month.

This month, I have taken some important decision of my life. I have taken some risk. I have the full responsibility of the consequences. To prove my decision right I have to work a lot. I’m not sure how I’m gonna do that.

I had a session with an WordPress Engineer to help me out with my queries. I explored some motivating blogs and other cool stuffs on wordpress.

One of the bad things that happened in this month is, I was reading a novel which should have been finished by the end of this month. But I just became ignorant and left it in the midway just because I lost my interest. I know I should keep up my reading in order to improve my writing.

I ate too much of junk food (literally all my life) and bought the first set of full-face make-up. Probably I need to buy some more things to complete the collection.

I bought a saree by myself for the first time in my life.

I got a cool watch from Adidas from Sissy.

That’s all, I guess!

Hope you guys had a wonderful time! ❤😀

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