What’s with Beet Root? #92

Beet Root. This is one of the things that I’ve never seen my mom to cook. I had no idea how it tastes or how I can cook it. I was too lazy to search for an easy recipe on internet, rather I just followed my insticts and keep on throwing random things into the frying pan. It turned out to be good, that’s why I’m sharing it you guys. This kind of experiments of mine end up with a disaster most of the time but I had my lucky cooking apron on today!

The style and spices I used are majorly influeced by the common taste of Indian cuisine except that it was not spicy.

Veggies : Beet root, potatoes( does it even count as vegetable? I don’t know!), onions

Spices : nigella seeds, turmeric powder, cumin powder, chilli powder, maggi magic masala, salt

Others: oil, ghee (optional)


First of all fry the beet roots (with salt), it should be 80-85% cooked. Set it aside. Heat some oil in other pan. Tamper it with nigella seeds, add turmeric, chilli and cumin powder. Don’t add too much of turmeric powder otherwise it will spoil the beautiful red colour of beet root. After stirring the spices on medium heat for 2-3 minutes add the onions. After the onions turn light brown and soft, add the potatoes. Add salt in the midway. When it’s done about 80% add the fried beet roots.

Now both of your veggies should be on the same page! Add maggi magic masala and 10 minutes on medium heat. You can add a bit of ghee for extra favouring. And you are done!

Pro tip for ratchet cooks like me:

  • Fry the veggies separately as they would take different time to get cooked and you don’t wanna over or under cook one of them.
  • I added the salt separately during frying individually, if you add the salt at the last moment, the salt would not penetrate inside the veggies properly and it would taste weird ( I used to do like that!)
  • When you are adding salt separately in the fries, there is a chance that you end up adding more salt than needed. That’s why I add salt in small amount. I can manage it afterwards while putting all the ingredients together.
  • Beet root took a lot of time to cook. Definitely not an quick-to-cook thing.

Ps. Don’t judge my cutting skills 😅

Happy Cooking! ❤

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