Missing the inkling of something inevitable #90

I want to confess something to you. ” -he said.

“Yepp, go ahead. I’m listening. ”

He pulled my hand for attention, ” Cookie, look at time. This is important. ”

I wanted to confess an incidet to you, before making you my girlfriend.

You know Shireen, right? My ex-girlfriend. It was my first ever serious relationship with any girl. When we started dating, our relationship took a couple of months to take off.

There was another girl named Nadia. I knew her from another coaching. She was cute girl. We became good friends. Oneday I kissed her on the terrace.”

“Why are you telling me all this, Adande? What will I do with this random information of your past?”

I kissed her when I was in relationship with Shireen. It continued for a while and then I stopped it.

I realized my mistake and told Shireen the truth. She was upset with me for 2 days then she forgave me.”

“Why did you do such a thing? Why did she forgive you at all?”

She told that as I have confessed my guilt, I should be given another chance.

But then again at some point of time I became too close with Kaira… Shireen didn’t know…

(*Censored*) ”

“So in the span of 8 months of your serious relationship you cheated on Shireen for 2 times with 2 different girls. That too not being drunk or being carried away. What do you expect of me now after knowing all this disturbing things about you?”

No Cookie, trust me. I’m not the same guy anymore. I will never ever cheat on you. I think I have done terrible things in my life and you should know about it. “

I gave him a pathetic smile and came home. A sudden storm was wrecking insidemyself. Those words kept on ringing in my ears. I couldn’t think about abandon him for the hideous thing that he had done and was ashamed of.

Fast forward 2 months: We started dating each other.

Fast forward 6 months: Adande cheated on me with the same girl he talked about.

I don’t want to comment on Adande or how he was as a person. This is what happened. I don’t blame anybody but myself for not giving enough attention to the clues the eternity was giving me before making emotional investment on him.


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