The Afterstory : Straightening my hair #85

As many of you will know from my previous story that I have recently got my hair chemically treated. The previous post was all about how the procedure was and this is about how people responded to my new look.


The reaction

Now this didn’t go as per my expectations. I received mixed opinion from my family, friends and colleagues.

Most of them really liked my hair. It has changed my overall look which is way better than before, as they told me.

But not everyone was supportive. For some people it was the greatest chance to shower me with their free advices.

“But your hair was straight already! You didn’t need to do this. ”

I know what I’m doing, okay? It might not be the wisest use of my money but I think I should try new things too.

Some people advised me that certain shampoos and oils could make my hair natually straight.

Making hair naturally straight is like getting rid of body hairs without laser treatment. There are thousands of ingredients and life hacks out there on internet but none of them really works out. I spent half of my life watching those beauty videos waxing a hairless hand or applying gross mixtures on hair to make it straight. If it was really a genuine thing, the feedbacks would have been there too.

My thoughts

  • It takes absolutely no time to get ready now, my hair is always frizz free.
  • I don’t need to tie my hair. It’s 100% managable now and doesn’t look like a bird’s nest.
  • I feel more confident about myself. It doesn’t matter how much positive/negative reaction I get, I am loving it.
  • I have become more attentive to the maintenance part- applying oil on regular basis and cleaning my scalp thoroughly.
  • I haven’t changed my shampoo and conditioner ( which is Dove) and serum( just a basic cheap one)!
  • I am taking note of my hairfall and trying my best to not make it worse. This includes not combing and my hair when it’s wet.


The last thing I wanted to tell you guys is every now and then we should think if we are giving ourselves enough time and care. The sole purpose of the beauty treatment should be to feel good about yourself. How confident you feel underneath your skin is more important than what society thinks you should look like. Remember that you are beautiful, if you want to enhance it, go ahead. If you want to stay how you are, that should be fine too! Don’t let yourself be burdended with anybody else’s opinion.

That’s all for today. Stay well folks. Much love! xo

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