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Have you ever had a love-hate relationship with anyone or anything? That’s exactly what I had with my hair. I didn’t like my hair at all. It was so thin and unmanageable. It had a very weird kind of shape. Because of that it was kept tied up or braided irrespective of the occasion. I used to keep my hair short. Hairfall is another big stress to me in this regard.
My friends had many types of hair treatments done when we were in high school but my parents never encouraged me to give attention to beauty treatments, neither did we have money to spare on beauty products. After working for a couple of years, I convinced myself to invest some money on myself. It wasn’t easy because a) it would be an expensive procedure b) side effects in long run.

The Research

As per several beauty blogs I found that among the various hair straightening procedures, Keratin treatment was the least harmful. Basically it’s the protein that would repair the hair damage and make it smooth and manageable. On the contrary, the other procedures will chemically make the hair straight at the cost of hair loss and decreasing volume.

I was determined to go for the least harmful option for my hair.

The Cost

Straightening hair would cost around 4000-5000 Rs for my hair that is slightly below my shoulder. I assumed it won’t cross Rs. 6000 including tax.

The Experience

Bubble Spa And Salon, Hitex, Hyderabad

The salon had good reviews on google. I visited their official website to know the available services but there was no mention about the price.

I booked an appointment online providing my phone number and the service I want on one Thursday. On the following day I received a call to confirm my appointment. On Saturday by 11 a.m. I showed up in the salon. It wasn’t crowded, I was told to wait for a few minutes until my hair specialist came.

After waiting for about 5 minutes at the reception a lady named Anusha came to attend me. First she asked me how I want my hair to be and what treatment I have decided, if I know about the outcomes etc. The price for smoothening and Keratin treatment was same whereas the hair would become same as before within 3-4 months in Keratin treatment and smoothening would last longer than that. The starting price was Rs 8k. For my hair, it would cost around Rs 9k. Then there will be tax. At that point, I felt like being thunderstruck. I made my mind to return home with a make over and I knew I was effed in either way.
I couldn’t stand up and walk out of the salon. Anusha already untied my hair and started untangling it. After explaing the procedure, she asked me once again, if Keratin Treatment was all that I wanted. I was confused af and wanted to run away.
“… But there will be side-effects like hairfall in all other treatments” I said in an indecisive and troubled voice.
“No, there is nothing like that. The main thing is for washing chemically treated hair you have to be more careful. You have to clean your scalp thoroughly everytime you wash your hair. Otherwise the hair products will reside on your scalp resulting in dandruff and hair fall. There is no side effects.”- she assured.

I couldn’t believe her completely and left everything on my fate. With my verbal consent Anusha started the procedure.

Step 1:
First of all she washed my hair thoroughly. She combed it, untangled it and blow-dried.

Step 2:
Once my hair was clean and dry, she started applying Loreal xtenso hair straightning cream. She was taking a strand at a time and applying the cream. She avoided the scalp and sticked only to the hair. As it was done, my hair was tightly covered with a plastic wrap. They made me sit for a solid 35 minutes.

Meanwhile they gave me a cup of coffee. I was thinking about reading something or listening to music. That didn’t happen as my ears were tucked inside the wrap.

Step 3:
For first few minutes, I had a mild burning sensation on my scalp. It faded away after some time. When the time was over, Anusha came and unwrapped my hair. I was looking like an effing alien. she was checking my hair stretching it, it seemed to have elasticity like a rubber-band. “All my hair is going to fall off now… I am done with my life“, I thought being terrified.
The cream smelled so bad that I was gonna throw up for sure. Anusha cleaned my hair with lukewarm water. I could still feel the strong smell. Then she washed my hair again with shampoo.

Step 4:
She blow-dried my hair. I couldn’t wait any longer to see my hair straight and shiny. It seemed to finish earlier than I anticipated. A part of me wanted to have a bunch of chemicals applied on my hair. How can my hair be straight with just one effing cream? I wasn’t convinced with the idea at all.

Step 5:
When my hair was thoroughly combed and dried, she straighted my hair with a flat iron.
This is it! This is definitely the end of hair. My scalp is going to burn for sure!” I thought but said nothing. It was a critical part indeed, to deal with the hair around the ears.
I prayed hard to return home unharmed, unburnt and with hair on my head.

It looked quite nice when she finally finshed it. I heaved a sigh of relief and stood up.

Step 6:
“Mam, there’s more! Please sit down.” Anusha brought a pair of pouches and a brush to apply. Just when I thought everything was over, she started applying the second cream. It was different from the first one, soothing on the skin with a pleasant smell. Then I had to sit for another 10 minutes.

Step 7:
Finally she washed my hair, just with water. She blow-dried it, combed it once again.

Meanwhile I asked her suggestion on how I should maintain my hair and what products would be good for it. She told me a couple of products to use. “Better you give me that free… I can’t suffer any more. Better you give me a gift-pack too and a free lunch in the restaurant next door.”

I had to pay an amount of Rs 10.5k including tax. They asked me to get the hair wash done after 48 hours. I was supposed to collect the hair products( shampoo, conditioner and serum) on the same day. During this time I wasn’t allowed to wash my hair or tie it.
Step 8:

On Monday they washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner. This was included in the bill I paid.

I had to buy the products separately (obviously!). Luckily they didn’t have those products at that time. It’s better not to buy products from them. I found the products to be quite costly and not much effective while I looked for the reviews.

I am still looking for some good hair products right now. Any suggestions, ladies?

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