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Bubble Spa And Salon: Review for Hair Straightening Treatment #84

Have you ever had a love-hate relationship with something or someone? That’s exactly how I felt about my hair. I didn’t like it at all because it was so thin and unmanageable, with a weird shape that made me keep it tied up or braided no matter the occasion. To avoid hair fall stress, I kept my hair short. In high school, my friends tried many types of hair treatments but my parents never encouraged me to spend money on beauty products. After working for a couple of years, I convinced myself to invest in myself despite the expense and potential long-term side effects.

The Research

According to multiple beauty blogs, Keratin treatment is the least harmful among various hair straightening procedures. It repairs hair damage and makes it smooth and manageable with protein. Other procedures chemically straighten hair at a cost of hair loss and decreased volume. I was determined to choose the least harmful option for my hair.

The Cost

Straightening hair would cost around 4000-5000 Rs for my hair that is slightly below my shoulder. I assumed it won’t cross Rs. 6000 including tax.

The Experience

Bubble Spa And Salon, Hitex, Hyderabad

The salon had great reviews on Google, so I visited their official website to check out the available services. Unfortunately, there was no mention of prices. Despite this, I booked an appointment online for one Thursday by providing my phone number and desired service.

The next day, they called me to confirm my appointment. On Saturday at 11 a.m., I arrived at the salon and found that it wasn’t crowded. The receptionist asked me to wait a few minutes until my hair specialist arrived.

After waiting about five minutes, Anusha came to attend me. She asked how I wanted my hair done and what treatment I preferred – explaining the outcomes of each option without any adverbs or weak words.

I learned that smoothening and Keratin treatments cost the same amount but have different effects: Keratin lasts only 3-4 months while smoothening is longer-lasting. The starting price was Rs 8k with an additional cost of around Rs 9k for my specific hair type plus tax.

At that point, I felt like returning home with a new look wasn’t worth it due to the high costs involved – feeling effed in either way!

I couldn’t stand up and walk out of the salon. Anusha had already untied my hair and started to untangle it. After explaining the procedure, she asked me again if I wanted Keratin Treatment. I was confused and wanted to run away.

“But there will be side effects like hair fall in all other treatments,” I said indecisively.

“No, there’s nothing like that,” she assured me. “The main thing is for washing chemically treated hair you have to be more careful. You have to clean your scalp thoroughly every time you wash your hair; otherwise, the hair products will remain on your scalp resulting in dandruff and hair fall.”

I couldn’t believe her completely but left everything up to fate. With my verbal consent, Anusha began the procedure.

Step 1:
Firstly, she thoroughly washed my hair, combed it, untangled it, and blow-dried it.

Step 2:
Once my hair was clean and dry, she applied Loreal Xtenso hair straightening cream strand by strand. She avoided the scalp and only applied it to the hair. After applying the cream, my hair was tightly covered with plastic wrap, and I sat for 35 minutes while it processed. I couldn’t read or listen to music because my ears were tucked inside the wrap. They did bring me a cup of coffee during that time though!

Step 3:
For the first few minutes, I felt a mild burning sensation on my scalp which eventually faded away. After the time was up, Anusha unwrapped my hair and I looked like an alien. She checked my hair by stretching it and it seemed elastic like a rubber band. Terrified, I thought that all of my hair would fall off and that I was done with life. The cream smelled so bad that I almost threw up. Anusha then cleaned my hair with lukewarm water but the strong smell still lingered. Finally, she washed my hair again using shampoo.

Step 4:
She blow-dried my hair, and I eagerly anticipated seeing it straight and shiny. Surprisingly, it finished earlier than expected. Although a part of me desired chemical treatment for my hair, I was skeptical that just one cream could make it straight. Overall, I remained unconvinced by the idea.

Step 5:
When my hair was combed and dried, she straightened it with a flat iron. “This is it! My scalp will burn for sure!” I thought but said nothing. Dealing with the hair around the ears was critical. I prayed to return home unharmed, with hair on my head. It looked nice when she finished. I heaved a sigh of relief and stood up.

Step 6:
“Mum, there’s more! Please sit down,” Anusha said as she brought over a pair of pouches and a brush. Just when I thought the treatment was finished, she began applying a second cream that had a soothing effect on my skin and smelled pleasant. After this, I had to sit for an additional 10 minutes.

Step 7:
Finally, she washed my hair with just water and blow-dried it before combing it once again. I asked for her suggestions on how to maintain my hair and what products would be good for it. She recommended a couple of products, but I joked, “Better give me that free gift-pack too and a free lunch in the restaurant next door. I can’t suffer any more.” In the end, I had to pay Rs 10.5k including tax and was instructed not to wash or tie my hair for 48 hours until my next appointment.

Step 8:
Two days later, they washed my hair using shampoo and conditioner. It was included in the bill I paid. I had to purchase the products separately, which is obvious. Fortunately, they didn’t have those products at that time. It’s best not to buy products from them since I found them quite expensive and ineffective upon reading reviews.

So overall, I’d rate my experience at Bubbles Spa and Salon 4/5. It could be a little costlier choice, however with respect to the quality of products and service- it’s better than many other salons in the city.

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