Healthy Cooking : Red Cabbage Warm Salad #83

This one is the simplest recipe of red cabbage I found out on Internet cause I’m too lazy to make complicated dish.

The things you will need-

A red cabbage (well obviously!), onion, oil/butter, Sugar, Soy sauce, Green Apple

Heat 2-3 teaspoons olive oil ( I used olive oil, in the actual recipe they used butter) on a pan. Chop one onion into fine pieces and fry it until it gets light brown. Add chopped cabbage and stir it in every 2 minutes for 5-6 minutes. As it starts reducing its volume, add three teaspoons of soy sauce, one and half teaspoon of sugar. Add finely chopped green apples. Stir for another 5-6 minutes. Your warm salad is all ready to be served!!

I didn’t give any strict measurements, once you have it- you’ll have the idea whether you want it to be sweet or tangy. Green apple gives an interesting kick to the tastebuds, you can also use regular red apple.

You can add more things and improvise the recipe. This was my first try so I kept it simple. It was a unique experience indeed.

Keep cooking! Keep eating! ✌

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