Healthy cooking : Stir fried veggies for lazy people #82

I’m very new to cooking and I’m too lazy to cook for myself. Yet I love to experiment with food and sometimes it works out well! These are the three recipes I found out to be super easy to make and healthy at the same time.

Zucchini Fry Noodles

For this recipe all you need is zucchini. To accompany it you can use pepper, baby corn or any vegetable you like. Personally I loved this combination. Peel the flesh of the zucchini as long noodle like strings. Heat 1 teaspoon of olive oil on a pan. Add the baby corns at first. When it will start changing the color, add the zucchini noodles. Stir for 7-8 mins on medium heat. Add the peppers at last. Sprinkle salt and black pepper as per your taste. That’s it.

Zucchini can release some water while frying, stir continuously to let the steam escape.

I tried the same thing with 3 types of peppers and carrot and the color turned out really good. The taste was pretty much the same though.


This was fun to make. I’m not good at dressing food, all I concentrate on is the taste and time to make it. This is my first try, hopefully it would get better with time.😅

Keep cooking, keep eating. ✌

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