How I Spent a Day in Sahas Adventure park, Hyderabad #79

I don’t remember ever being excited about adventure and human interaction for an entire day. Every day, I go to the office, do my work, come back home, spend a few hours on the internet, talk to my mom over the phone for a bit. I prefer working alone if I don’t need anyone’s input. Talking to people is such a waste of energy and distracting.

Coming to the team outing, I traveled by bus for about one and a half hours with people I only knew by face. From my little background research, I already knew that most of the adventure activities wouldn’t be suitable for me physically or mentally. Although I woke up before sunrise, it took me 30 minutes to convince myself not to chicken out. Pushing against my will, I wasn’t sure what to pack in my bag. The day didn’t seem meant for me. During the bus ride, instead of enjoying myself by seeing the roads or reading a book, I had to take part in a lame musical game with everyone else.

There are few things that I want to be specific about-

We went to Sahas Adventure Park of Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad.

1. The package is only for the adventure park. Don’t expect to see the film city for free in that package. However, you can see bits and pieces of the film city as they are not completely separate from each other.

2. There are several adventure activities available. But if you have acrophobia( what is that?) you must reconsider your plan. You can find information about all the activities on their official website. Personally, I didn’t find any adventurous activity with a basic level challenge. They have combined all the difficulty levels into one task, and once you start it, you cannot give up in the middle. If you are looking for a low-key adventure experience, this could be the right place.

3. This is something I always worry about when traveling – whether there’s clean drinking water and decent restrooms available. Fortunately, Sahas Adventure Park has both at every point so it won’t be an issue.

4. We had our lunch and evening snacks at Dil Se restaurant, which is themed after ShahRukh Khan’s movie of the same name. They played only songs from the movie during both meals. The lunch was decently priced and offered a balanced proportion of North Indian and South Indian cuisines. The food was simple, homely, and vegetarian-only. The evening snacks were also fine.

5. Bus service is available to go to the restaurant and return to Sahas Adventure Park.

6. You can find cold drinks, biscuits, and even period products at Sahas Adventure Park..

7. You can put your valuables and collect the key and be handbags free during the activities.

Ending thoughts:
I was scared to see what was happening at first, but my colleagues were kind enough to let me skip tasks I wasn’t comfortable with. Everyone had a good time in their own way. Although I did have some panic attacks, I found solace in food, drink and enjoying the scenery and weather alone.

Sahas means “courage”. An apt name for an adventure park.

Overall, I highly recommend visiting Sahas Adventure Park if you’re looking for an exciting day full of outdoor activities.

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